1. I'm looking to hire a studio for a half day photoshoot in London. Any tips/suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. I'm creating a list for The Dots of amazing diversity organisations who nurture and champion diverse talent. Who are your favourites & why?
  3. I am looking for a graphic designer to work on a design project to create amazing sock designs for a sport brand.
  4. I'm putting together a reading list for 2020. What was the one book that changed your life?
  5. I often get asked this question, so would love to hear recommendations! What are your top events/groups aimed at freelancers?
  6. I often get asked this, so I wanted to throw it out to the community first; what do you think makes a great creative director?
  7. I'm looking for event spaces in London to host a talk (approx. 100 people). Any suggestions?
  8. I am looking for content curators in Ibiza/Barcelona...anyone out there?
  9. I'm looking to print some 8-page newsprint zines and am looking for someone to print digitally onto recycled paper. Any recommendations?
  10. I'm looking for filmmakers to collaborate with for a music video in London. Anyone interested?
  11. If any brands would like to get involved in Manchester Metropolitan University Freshers Fair in September please feel free to contact me.
  12. I'm looking for a great food writer to collaborate with, on a documentary food series. Any suggestions?
  13. I came across and I was wondering if there are any people who have used it and what their experiences are on it.
  14. I am in an urgent search for an online job. Been a copywriter for 13 years and I love to imagine and cook amazing stories and articles.
  15. I'm applying for internships in event management. One job asks for a "folio", is it the same thing of a portfolio? Any good templates?
  16. I will begin emailing teasers for the new mystery I'm writing, Send me your email if you would like to receive.
  17. I'm looking for a key executive contact at Soho House & Co as I am interested in approaching them as Lead Creative / Head fo Brand ?
  18. Im looking to diversify my photographic portfolio, does anyone have any projects, shoot they need help with? I am specialise in documentary
  19. I'm looking for a short film at the post-production stage. I will help create a story. Will do at a very reasonable price (Video Editing).
  20. I'm looking for a mid-weight designer to join a small yet rapidly growing experiential /live events agency. Anyone interested?
  21. If you could get a message out to millions or billions of people. What would you say and why?
  22. In the last 5 years, what new belief, behaviour or habit has most improved your life?
  23. Is anyone interested in producing a pilot of a short/branded documentary series about the rediscover of analog photography by millennials?
  24. Is anyone looking for an illustrator or branding designer to collaborate with?