1. I am looking for work as a graphic designer, web designer or photographer. Based in Bristol and spend a lot of time in London
  2. I am looking for work as a graphic designer, web designer or photographer. Based in Bristol and spend a lot of time in London
  3. I know what this app is advertised as but what is it predominately used as? A job site? An advice column? A message board?
  4. I am writing my dissertation about equality in the film industry and I want to speak to female professionals about their experiences.
  5. I am looking for shoe designers! Please let me know x
  6. I want to create a networking night that I’ve entitled Edscult, to attempt to internetwork and laterally network.
  7. I would like to help a non-profit organisation. Contact me please!
  8. I am looking for Senior Art Directors with experience in 3D environmental design, skilled in Sketch up/Vectorworks. Get in touch!
  9. Ideal Christmas Gift?
  10. I am looking to collaborate with Boost@ Facebook. Could you link me up please? Do you know someone who knows someone?
  11. I'm looking for paid experience in the events field. Is there anyone on this board who can point me to anyone who might be able to help?
  12. If anyone is looking for a photography assistant hit me up! X
  13. I am looking to gain more experience in styling, if there are any Stylist's who need assistance on upcoming projects please let me know :)
  14. I’m in London for a week and I’m available for any filmmaking projects and to to connect with the creative community!
  15. I'm putting together a list of the best/dream companies to work for in 2020. Who do you rate the most?
  16. I have an idea for a side hustle and wanted to find out if anyone has any expertise related to software & technology start ups?
  17. I know this might be a very "you and everyone else" type request but I need a film producer, anyone interested?
  18. Is anyone looking for a freelancer 3D Animator? I'll be available from the1st of February 2020.
  19. I am looking for portrait photographers and videographers to collaborate with to create content for an exciting project (voluntary work)
  20. I will be having a shoot on next Thursday, the aim is to provide brands and creatives with some affordable content, interested? hit me up
  21. I'm a current Visual Communications student looking for a placement opportunity one day a week through the academic year in London/Midlands?
  22. I have a position available as a studio assistant.Are there any students out there?
  23. I am a London producer and I am looking to connect with creative female POC (videographers, photographers, prop stylist) to work with.
  24. In search of new opportunities for 2020 I’m a Graphic Designer, Photographer & Video Editor and would love to use these skills in unison