1. I am looking to work with projects that use AI, VR or AR to be involved with on a development level...
  2. I'm looking for a PT freelancer in Sales and Advertising who wants to work for a leading men's mental health magazine.
  3. I'm an Editorial Stylist looking for creative and interesting projects. Let me know if you would like to work together!
  4. I'm looking for models and MUA to collaborate for a brand clothes shooting first or second weekend January. Anyone interested?
  5. I'm a fashion designer, with a new collection launching next year. Any advice on places to stock &/or marketing tips ?
  6. I want to start consulting for brands, please view my website and share any initial thoughts and feedback please.
  7. Is there an APP for DOTS?
  8. I'm creating a network of freelance creatives to work on social media advertising projects. Interested? Pls comment or reach out. Thanks
  9. Is it possible to land a job when you have no previous qualifications?
  10. I'm looking to create a list of In-house creative agencies, For Example- Spotify. If you have any please comment.
  11. I have an issue I hope you guys can help me with.
  12. It would be great to hear your feedback on a topic that' possibly bothering me.
  13. I am looking for any sort of work experience as a part 1 architectural assistant, work placement, internship or even voluntary position.
  14. I am currently looking for assisting opportunities, i am looking to expand my connections and learn from working editorial photographers (:
  16. I am looking for tech start up studios that specialise in ideas/companies in their early stages?
  17. I’m setting up a new creative biz in London & would love an intro to your fave accountant!
  18. I would like to illustrate a children's book. Any fun and creative writers out there?
  19. I am looking for an internship/ entry level job in fashion design, has anybody in industry heard of new opening positions?
  20. I am trying to start a website (like aimed at people who want to find work on visas in foreign countries. Looking for partners.
  21. I'm looking for a comedy script / idea to pitch on for work in February? Any agencies / clients in need of a director?
  22. I’m looking for some freelance jobs in fashion photography or photo retouching jobs.
  23. I'm building a list of companies with In-house creative teams, for Example- Spotify. If you have any please comment.
  24. Is anyone in need of some freelance PR support in media/arts/entertainment? Let me know!