1. I have posted several project but i can't see it. why does it happened? what should i do now?
  2. I'm putting together a list of great organisations that help people find mentors. Any suggestions/top tips?
  3. I'm currently searching for a mentor, specifically from a BAME background. Does anyone know of an art director or manager that can help?
  4. I'm currently looking for writing work, preferably of the comedy kind, for anything really. Contact:
  5. I am looking for a Team Assistant role within a creative design/Interior design/branding company.
  6. I'm looking for an illustrator who can work on a Product Manual for an awesome new product we're launching. Does anyone know anyone?!
  7. I need a mentor in the area of growing a business in the dance exercise class front. Anyone out there ? Michelle x
  8. I'm looking to move into print for the 2nd issue of my magazine. Does anyone have good experience of working with printers, at good rates?
  9. I'm currently available for new Freelance Social Media contracts - if you're looking for an experienced consultant, get in touch! Thanks
  10. Is anyone going to the Creative Health Conference tomorrow at the Southbank Centre? Would love to connect.
  11. I've been looking into renting out a co-working space in Hackney as of September. Anyone out there want to get involved?
  12. Is anyone interested in co-hosting and creating a new podcast based on hip hop and it's sub genres and mental health around the industry?
  13. I'm a community strategist & build/manage communities for brands. If anyone has any cool projects for potential collaboration, get in touch.
  14. Interested in scoping out part-time roles and companies that are pro flexible working for parents.
  15. I'm looking for a Junior Strategy role anyone hiring?
  16. I'm an Event Strategist + Planner, I would love to collaborate with anyone with a cool up and coming project. Get in touch !
  17. Is anyone whose business uses short form video in L&D, Internal comms, training.. interested in joining in on a panel event?
  18. I'm collating a list of useful resources to help get your Creative Resume noticed! Post personal advice or a publication you feel may help!
  19. I'm looking to connect with other Asian ad creatives. If you're struggling to enter the industry, what do you feel is holding you back?
  20. I want to connect with founders from strategic design agencies. What were your struggles to gain market share and how did you overcome it?
  21. I design jumpsuits that you don't take off to go to the toilet & would love some feedback on the campaign - - thanks!
  22. I'm putting together a team...
  23. I'm looking for suggestions on good sources of arts and events funding in London for some exciting upcoming projects! Can anyone help?
  24. I know a brilliant copywriter in the US looking to pick up freelance opportunities ASAP. Drop me a line below if you'd like an intro.