1. I'm putting together a team...
  2. I'm looking for suggestions on good sources of arts and events funding in London for some exciting upcoming projects! Can anyone help?
  3. I know a brilliant copywriter in the US looking to pick up freelance opportunities ASAP. Drop me a line below if you'd like an intro.
  4. I am looking for filmmakers that would be interested to make a documentary about Nigeria this December 2019? Would love to hear from you!
  5. I would love to know a lot more on here
  6. I'm looking for a producer (producers) to start working with. Ideally suited to films (fiction narrative and documentary). Suggestions?
  7. I provide proper information Web designers plan, create and code internet sites and web pages, many of which. A web designer.
  8. I have a collection of short stories, should I go traditional publishers, self publish or has anyone heard of Unbound? Advice please!
  9. Is there a way to add event onto the events page?
  10. Is Brexit affecting your mental health or/and quality of life and do you find getting work as a freelancer challenging at the moment ?
  11. Is anyone willing to offer advice on developing a magazine?
  12. I work for tiny charity called Level water. I need someone to design some fun T-shirt’s and literature ASAP. Anyone keen to help out?
  13. Is anyone looking for a freelance designer to work on a web, print or branding project? I've got some availability coming up soon
  14. I am looking for styling assistant work within London, does anyone know any stylists that need help with any upcoming projects?
  15. Is anyone looking for a freelance illustrator/graphic designer?
  16. I’m a second year university graphic design student. I’m looking for an internship within this subject in Birmingham.
  17. If you’ve ever looked to hire a graphic designer, what are the key points that you look for? (Standard of work, price, reviews, etc.)
  18. I’m a photographer looking to collaborate with a writer for stories for publications.
  19. Is there any or does anyone know any poets/ writers that are looking for a publishing opportunity?
  20. I am an illustrator freelancer looking to fill up my schedule. Is anyone on the look out for someone?
  21. I am currently on the search for an exiting, new branding project, I would love to hear more! I can be caught at
  22. I have been actively applying to many creative positions and boards.. Indeed.. The Dots.. If you could.. - Do you know any good job sites?
  23. I am searching for an Photography Agent or Agency to represent my work! My portfolio can be found here: See you soon!
  24. If anyone is looking for assistance with set building/prop sourcing/ set design I'm looking for more experience- Fashion/Theatre/arts