1. I'm looking for some feedback on my CV. I'm applying for jobs in publishing, advertising, journalism, and general media/creative roles.
  2. I'll be finishing up my Masters by the end of August, but Covid's got me scared! Are any creative workplaces still hiring?
  3. I am wanting some advice on how to market my Patreon page? I want to gain patrons but not cold sell to sign up? Any advice would be great!
  4. I'm running a series of events called Industry Leaders, delivering top tips and advice for creatives
  5. I've redone my website.If anyone fancies having a look and letting me know what think here's the address
  6. Is anyone working on a film or animation and needs a music composer?
  7. I am looking for photographers who could shoot food, portraits and eventually interiors.
  8. I am a film photographer and I would love to collaborate with sustainable brands, anyone interested ?
  9. If you are searching for responsive and almost nobrainer website creator I have found something unique.
  10. I need to start a blog for the uni society I run. What's the best platform to host it on that's easy to use, free, and looks professional?
  11. I'm working on art exhibition about 90s: I covered Eastern European perspective and I'm looking for books/inspo about the Western European.
  12. I'm a content curator and have launched a platform and newsletter - looking to hear from photographers who might want their work featured!
  13. I am looking for Graduates who would be happy to answer questions from Students/new Graduates. I am running a free e-mentoring scheme.
  14. I’d love to connect with more creatives!
  15. I'm interested in UX design, any recommendations for beginner courses/advice on how to get into the industry with no prior experience?
  16. I am looking for a “possibly mind blowing” podcast related to the Digital Marketing. Anyone?
  17. I've recently set up a ne Instagram page @jessica_policrisi focusing on my designs! Please check it out and support it if you like! Thank X
  18. I'm searching for a great team to be a part of. Know of any?
  19. I am looking for some help with my brand name. This is for my freelance social work.
  20. I am looking to connect with creatives in the wedding and event industries :)
  21. I'm making a documentary on intl. Digital Art & CryptoArt Scene now. First trailer: Any thoughts/ideas?
  22. I need a job! Hey guys So I'm on the lookout for a new UI/UX job/gig.
  23. I am looking for a IT product manager with experience in the travel industry to support me in developing a digital platform
  24. If you would like to sell digital copies of your work please get in touch.