1. I am new at dots ,ı shared some of my projects could you look at my projects? ı need some feedback :)
  2. If anyone would like to do a spoken word video compliation of my poetry. Record the videos yourself indoor or outdoor.
  3. If anyone would like to convert my short story into a script which would later be acted out - email. Me on
  4. Is anyone in need of a beauty editorial intern or know of any job opportunities in that industry? Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm a professional creative that's just gotten my BA (Hons) Degree. I'm a hard worker looking for a creative job! Please view my profile.
  6. I'm moving to Manchester UK in Aug, looking to meet fellow graphic designers and creatives and communities to get involved with.
  7. I'm looking for a new role as New Business Manager (or similar) in a London agency, please let me know if you hear of anything. Thanks
  8. I’m offering (free & no obligation) advice for Event Organisers wanting to incorporate D&I for Live, Virtual and Hybrid Events. Message me
  9. I am looking for a photographer/content creator to work with on a new food brand launch.
  10. I'm looking for Freelance and fashion-based content work. A handful of previous PR work, but keep to develop more. Hope somebody can help!
  11. I'm a Creative Events Producer with a wealth of social media/tech client experience globally and looking for projects
  12. I have just transitioned from freelance/self-employed back into employment. Any advice for this change of work-life?
  13. I'm looking for a VFX chroma screen rotoscope genius for collaboration on 4 shots, 6 seconds (for a short film).
  14. I wrote a script for a short film on mental health, anyone interested?
  15. If anyone want to make some dope music or just link up, lemme know. Prague, Czech Republic
  16. I am looking to self publish my new book. Has anyone experience of taking a children's' picture book to market in this way?
  17. I'm looking for innovative impact organisations to partner with!
  18. I am looking for writers/regular contributors interested in writing content focused on self-love/self-care/wellbeing etc?
  19. I’m looking for established boy/girl bands or choirs! I’m a singer & vocal coach, keen to make arrangements groups. @josiesodenofficial
  20. I'm a fashion stylist, looking for a photoshoot collaboration in the beginning of August! DM if you would like to participate.
  21. I'm doing some research for a personal project and I'd like to interview people living on a river boat . Do you know someone ?
  22. I'm doing some research for a personal project and I'd like to interview people about mobility in the city. Would you be interested ?
  23. I'm looking for a freelance designer who has experience working with cosmetics brands for a new project- get in touch if this is you!
  24. I'm on the lookout for a junior designer for THIIIRD Magazine on a project-by-project basis. Print, digital, motion graphics.