1. I'm putting together a list of creative inspiration feeds/newsletters/magazines/blogs for marketing managers who don't have a team yet
  2. I am looking for new people to work with from Photographers, Set Designers, Hair and Beauty Team and Nails and model casters must be strong.
  3. i’m a music producer, want a song done also got any advise on building my business from ground up, i’d be ecstatic for a conversation
  4. I would like to create a repertory of makeup artists, photographers, models based in London to work on collaborative projects.
  5. I have five years CMS experience including Squarespace and Wordpress. With Yoast SEO experience. Any available opportunities?
  6. I’m a graduate film student looking to shadow any videographers and video editors or photographers! Any advice will help!
  7. Inviting artists to create a piece of work, which will form part of a social media (initially) campaign to encourage young people to vote!
  8. I'm a Filmmaker with cine-quality kit and time on his hands, let's collaborate!
  9. I'm looking for people interested in collaborating on fashion photography projects. ;)
  10. I'm a Freelance Illustrator Seeking work and new opportunities.
  11. I’m currently looking for work within the creative industry - preferably in photography
  12. Is it worth getting a photography agent?
  13. I'm a London based director looking for a director of photography to start collaborating with!
  14. I'm a photographer and copywriter looking to collaborate with fashion brands in London.
  15. I am looking for a Freelance Digital Designer with motion graphics skills for next week. Anyone free and keen?
  16. I'm looking for women from different creative industries to share their career stories for my new initiative @ThisWayUppodcast (instagram)
  17. I am working full time and trying to go freelance/start a business, any top tips on how to do this & manage time?
  18. I’m looking into finding some work experience from brands big or small in a creative industry.
  19. I'm launching a hyper local magazine for Soho on the 25th Nov. Anyone have any promo items to go in the goody bags? Get in touch - tnx!
  20. I am looking for an internship or even days worth of experience where i can learn about music video production.
  21. I'm looking to meet filmmakers, film PRs & crew to see if anyone needs a until stills photographer for a low-non budget film ?
  22. I'm able to freelance projects! Check my website if you're interested:
  23. I am looking for 2 photographers to share a studio with in regular basis.
  24. I'm looking for someone that can help me put my brand identity together and content. I'm creating a premimum functional swimwear brand