1. Just finished reading The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon. Would love to connect with other multi-hyphenates - anyone out there?
  2. Just moved to Los Angeles last week and looking for freelance and entry level job opportunities in the field of film editing! Any leads?
  3. Just signed to Crumb agency, need some more photos, anyone interested?
  4. Junior graphic designer looking for a part-time job, with experience in illustration, UX/UI, branding and creating promotional content.
  5. JOHANNESBURG - Looking for an local experienced female photographer - Exciting project capturing local girls
  6. JOHANNESBURG - Looking for an experienced & connected local female producer
  7. Just moved from Berlin to Manchester, seeking creative opportunities in Film/Events/Media - Full Time, Internships or Work Exp. Thank you!
  8. Just finished TV Series project and now looking for new opportunities especially film and tv series or web series jobs.
  9. Junior Designer Job at Hearst UK Digital Design skills are a must for this role Apply here
  10. Just wanted to reach out for any design or motion graphics work, I have full availability.
  11. Just self-published "Oddservations" - know any publishers who might be interested in it?
  12. Just updated my website! Would love any feedback or thoughts. Thanks!
  13. Just recently launched my online portfolio! I'm very new to The Dots and would be great to see what you think. All feedback welcome?
  14. Join me in conversation with Photographer Olaf Pignataro tomorrow at 3pm UK time:
  15. Join me tomorrow at 3pm UK Time live and in conversation with action & adventure photographer Corey Rich //
  16. Just a little reminder of tomorrow's creative brainstorm! 'How do you envision our future homes? A sustainable home design post-COVID.'
  17. Just update my personal site to V2.0, want to share and receive feedback from you guys, thanks :)
  18. Javascript club?!
  19. Just published a project. Would love to hear your thoughts. Can y'alls let me know what you like and what you don't?
  20. Junior marketer available for immediate roles
  21. Just updated my website update + selling some prints as part of the #artistsupportpledge initiative✨Check it out on
  22. Just updated my website, would love some feedback on my portfolio. Thanks!
  23. Just want to say a big thank you to everyone helping me☺️Feel free to follow my socials -
  24. Just updated my site! Would love some feedback!