1. Looking for brands for alcohol sponsorship for an exhibition/magazine launch. Anyone have any ideas/connects? - can message privately
  2. Looking for a skilled photographer to photo/graph/edit my artwork (300 GSM paper) onsite (N1) . Recommendations for photographer or studio?
  3. Looking for brand partnerships & sponsors
  4. Looking for excellent, design driven email coders for Domus Nova London & Ibiza. Please email: for further details :)
  5. Looking for excellent, design driven email coders for Domus Nova London & Ibiza. Please email: for further details :)
  6. Looking for a designer & art director to work with me on some projects in early May. Must be well versed in photoshop and indesign x
  7. Looking for an experienced UX/UI designer to join a creative eCommerce agency!
  8. Looking for writers interested in their humorous short stories being heard in audio on a podcast, Does This Happen to You.
  9. Looking to collaborate with a journalist who needs an illustration for their article on Medium. Know anyone who would be interested?
  10. Looking to learn more about designing products that have a social impact? Join Zinc on May 30
  11. Looking for some collaborators for a strange little film & passion project. Looking for location scouts and just some helping hands!
  12. Looking for Trans and Non-binary designers and artist for a design journal;
  13. Looking to collaborate with a web designer preferably who has experience working with film production companies and motion graphics...
  14. Looking for femxle trailblazers for a series of Feminist Networking Events!
  15. Looking for a copywriter looking to team up with art director. Must be seriously passionate about ideas, problem solving, great with words.
  16. Looking for a part-time Social Media Manager with photography experience!
  17. Looking for a literary agent. Working on non-fiction book on what we can learn from Japanese craftsmen to improve how we live & work.
  18. Looking for someone to take on a digital market junior, any advice?
  19. Looking for experience in post-production, anyone looking for assistants/runners etc???
  20. Looking for a photographer based in Barcelona for a nice portrait/editorial piece. Let me know if you know someone / are up for it :)
  21. Looking to connect with photographers / directors / creatives and brands to shoot some fun projects in August.
  22. Looking for female filmmakers. Get in touch ✨
  23. Looking for jnr positions in UX/UI , graphic design and illustration. anyone know companies looking in london, or close to london?
  24. Looking for a Director's Assistant / Production Assistant position, any ideas of who would be good to talk to?