1. Looking for a footwear design position or collaboration.
  2. Looking to shadow/ work with creatives in London - photographers, art directors, stylists or designers! Message me!
  3. Looking for a social media freelancer to work with some exciting new restaurants and food brands!
  4. Looking for a good VIDEO EDITOR preferably in LISBON to edit an after movie of a TECHNOLOGIC BRAND activation in a GAMING event in (€ PAID)
  5. Looking for creative feedback on my website.
  6. Looking for a really good Illustrator to quickly sketch Engineering- start up ideas. Pays well, would appreciate a lead.
  7. Looking for stylist and HMUA for a small music video in London next week. Unpaid - quick and fun job :) get in touch if interested x
  8. Looking to be a photography assistant, want to help and shadow some photoshoots! Give me a DM me on instagram :) @Emmameltonville
  9. Looking for a web designer for a sports club, any recommendations?
  10. Looking for work as a performing musician/ vocalist! If you have any projects looking for this drop me a message! :)
  11. Looking for an affordable studio to record podcast in? London area. Don't need editing facilities.
  12. Looking for stylists and shoppers who are US size 12-24 or service clients who wear those sizes
  13. Looking to collaborate with brands and/or publications on copywriting tasks - happy to do for FREE to build portfolio!
  14. Looking for an internship or assistant part time job within the fashion industry in London: styling, fashion journalism... etc. I’m open
  15. Looking for a make-up artist to collaborate with?
  16. Looking for someone who wants to collaborate through UX/UI mobile design! Will be for portfolio expansion, and must love fashion!
  17. Looking for two models, and an art director.
  18. Looking to get any photography or film work, any advice on agencies or individuals to get in touch with?
  19. Looking to do some Copywriting/writing for small businesses/charities to add to my portfolio.
  20. Looking for someone who can code/website design for Shopify and Big Commerce platform in the Watford area for 2 days a week.
  21. Looking for practitioner who specialised in silicone making props, for creative editoroial project please get in touch.
  22. looking for a female cinematographer for an all female cast and crew project that I am putting together! Please get in touch!
  23. Looking for lighting designer for e-commerce shoot for footwear brand.
  24. Looking to do some copywriting to expand my portfolio, open to anything but have a keen interest in fashion.