1. Looking for graphic designers/cover art designers/fine arts artists who could produce 2 cover arts.
  2. Looking to build my portfolio/resume please contact me for collaborations and internships!
  3. Looking to develop my writing skills, if anyone needs someone to write a piece for them please feel free to get in touch :)
  4. Looking for a skill swap buddy. Skills offered: iOS app development. Skills wanted: UX/gamification/psychology/autism education.
  5. Looking to develop my portfolio -
  6. Looking for a fit model to work in Paris end of Feb.
  7. Looking for a cool space in London for a styled table-scape shoot - Ideally free or very cheap?
  8. Looking for MUA's and stylists for a shoot in Shepherd's bush next week. Mon & Tue - 3 - 7:30pm, Wed - 10:7:30pm. Will be published. HMU
  9. Looking for a social media strategist to collaborate on one project (remotely). Let me know who’s I available or interested. Thanks.
  10. Looking for a freelance CRM consultant / customer life cycle strategist / planner for a luxury global hotel brand overhaul project.
  11. Looking for a HMUA - this Tuesday . Fashion shoot & part charity campaign. Small Budget. One model. In studio. West London. 11/02/2020
  12. Looking for Fashion Designers who would like to collaborate with our team on fashion editorials ?
  13. Looking for a female model for a photoshoot.
  14. Looking for hair stylist with experience in Afro hair for a test shoot this Thursday with an actress Jasmine Jobson, central London
  15. Looking for Still Life and Interiors Specific Photographers to collab with!
  16. Looking for photographers to collaborate with in London/ Winchester. Message me if interested .
  17. Looking for a HMUA / Groomer to help on shoot TOMORROW
  18. Looking For Stylists That Would Like To Add A Fun New Brand To Their Pulling List! Fashion Buyers & Photographers too! Drop Me A Message
  19. Looking for Female Models, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists for a magazine shoots coming up. Drop me a message on Insta: @conneryademokun
  20. Looking for a mid-level-senior artworker with masses of packaging experience
  21. Looking for a Video Retoucher/ VFX Artist for an upcoming Beauty Commercial (mainly Skin Retouch)
  22. Looking for photographers who specialise in quality retail photography. In need of 3 new UK retail locations being shot. Any suggestions?
  23. Looking for a freelance Lingerie #patterncutter Please reach out asap on
  24. Looking for a sound editor/designer to collaborate on a pilot for a super exciting travel and entertainment podcast