1. Looking for a graphic designer to collaborate on a zine! Any takers?
  2. Looking for new agent worldwild ! Anyone ?
  3. Looking for some Freelance work to do. Here is my online portfolio link :) Message me if interested.
  4. Looking for a Foley Sound Designer to collaborate on a PC Game Design Project!
  5. Looking for Worthing based freelancers to share ideas and collaborate!
  6. Looking for illustrators for exciting start-up print brand - kre-eyt
  7. Looking for a focus puller in London for a short video shoot this week
  8. Looking for a Sales/Marketing Manager to drive/ source and manage revue at @FGUKMagazine!
  9. Looking for existing schemes like 'Arts award' but for older people. To add value to volunteering in a gallery. Any ideas?
  10. Looking for work to fill my schedule!
  11. Looking for full / part time work within the creative industry, in particular fashion photography
  12. Looking for a student film photographer
  13. Looking for work within an NGO, helping with events, creating or managing and/or documenting stories through my reportage photography
  14. Looking for models and makeup artists for collaboration
  15. Looking for a London based stylist to collaborate on photo shoots. Please contact me if you are interested! My Instagram @marina_minibaeva
  16. Looking for a Bristol-based stylist, MUA and/or photography assistant to collaborate on a purple-themed shoot
  17. Looking for freelances: Creative Director and Media Relation Manager
  18. Looking for Promoter of my Label, Shop and Artists.
  19. Looking to meet/partner up team with with producer, editor and possibly DP for future projects! London based preferred
  20. Looking to Collab with serious models around Birmingham/Leicester?
  21. Looking for a 3D Artist to collaborate on a Game Design Project!
  22. Looking for freelance: Producers Event Stylists Creatives Set Builders
  23. Looking for a good Web Developer/Designer Preferably London based but not limited to Hit me up with recommendations please! :)
  24. Looking for (paid!) respondents for a live client project in London, New York and Shanghai - click for more details: