1. Looking for buyers that are looking for young brands with innovative business models and brand-client relationship model.
  2. Looking for magazine chief editors that are looking for young brands with innovative business models and brand-client relationship model.
  3. Looking for vehicle companies that are interested in understanding needs of drivers of today
  4. Looking for people interested in understanding psychological, economical and physiological needs of people of modern cities. And solutions.
  5. Looking for agencies that need conceptual interior designs for retail and pop-up stores
  6. Looking for a Director's Assistant / Production Assistant position, any ideas of who would be good to talk to?
  7. Looking for a graphic designer to collaborate on a zine! Any takers?
  8. Looking for new agent worldwild ! Anyone ?
  9. Looking for some Freelance work to do. Here is my online portfolio link :) Message me if interested.
  10. Looking for a Foley Sound Designer to collaborate on a PC Game Design Project!
  11. Looking for Worthing based freelancers to share ideas and collaborate!
  12. Looking for illustrators for exciting start-up print brand - kre-eyt
  13. Looking for a focus puller in London for a short video shoot this week
  14. Looking for a Sales/Marketing Manager to drive/ source and manage revue at @FGUKMagazine!
  15. Looking for existing schemes like 'Arts award' but for older people. To add value to volunteering in a gallery. Any ideas?
  16. Looking for work to fill my schedule!
  17. Looking for full / part time work within the creative industry, in particular fashion photography
  18. Looking for a student film photographer
  19. Looking for work within an NGO, helping with events, creating or managing and/or documenting stories through my reportage photography
  20. Looking for models and makeup artists for collaboration
  21. Looking for a motion graphics designer for doc short....
  22. Looking for a London based stylist to collaborate on photo shoots. Please contact me if you are interested! My Instagram @marina_minibaeva
  23. Looking for a Bristol-based stylist, MUA and/or photography assistant to collaborate on a purple-themed shoot
  24. Looking for freelances: Creative Director and Media Relation Manager