1. Looking for photographers, writers, collage artists & illustrators to collaborate on a magazine! @anysegment
  2. Looking for a freelance art director/designer?
  3. Looking to do a shoot aboard ( location will be given to selected individuals) need 3 dark skin models , photographer , MUA & assistant
  4. Looking for experts in creative freelancing to help the community
  6. Looking for a web designer/developer
  7. Looking for web developers/designers
  8. Looking for an illustrator for a uni project
  9. Looking for a Director of Photography with own kit, green screen and a 6-10 month old baby to create some content for an agency/ brand.
  10. looking for creative writers, poets etc for overlaying text on relaxing, peaceful, mindful video's to bring positivity
  11. Looking for a graphic design freelancer to work on a range of different different projects. Needs someone who has a commercial style.
  12. Looking to talk to people who have; a finstagram, had their identity stolen online or gone viral. 30 min chat over zoom (#quarantinelife)
  13. Looking for an illustrator to contribute art for my article on why the government needs to act quickly to support creative freelancers
  14. Looking for two dark skin models Male & female Short hair Please send your portfolio through Must be willing to travel
  15. Looking for a project I can be a part of, I will be uploading a couple of my recent projects!
  16. Looking for recommendations regarding UI/UX design.
  17. Looking for a Graphic Designer who would like to get involved in a branding and identity project for a new health and well-being company.
  18. Looking for online retouching works
  19. Looking for online jobs in any field. Contact me if you can help me. Please have a look at my website Thank you
  20. Looking for design/motion graphics/animation work: Or Photography retouching work: instagram/fearlesscompass
  21. Looking for a visual digital artist for pop video effects to be created then edited into a video footage for Dusty Finger
  22. Looking for a creative outlet to showcase your talents? We're looking for EDITORS to collaborate on an experimental special project series.
  23. Looking to collaborate with young writers, journalists with a strong interest in fashion, sport, youth culture.
  24. Looking for collaborators/submissions for the 3rd themed issue of Everytime Zine titled: EMPOWER