1. Looking for amusing photography of people at home to use in response to the open UN brief from the WHO to help fight Coronavirus.
  2. Looking for an animator to collaborate with for some personal projects!
  3. Looking to collaborate with a graphic designer to come up with a logo for a new publication. Please attach previous examples of work.
  4. Looking to connect with any creatives that are working within Latin culture. We are building music projects with emerging acts from London.
  5. Looking for self-made UK creators to feature in series 2 of my YouTube series promoting creators and creative economy. Isolation friendly!
  6. Looking to feature + collab with Black people in the creative industry of any talent for my FMP
  7. Looking to collaborate with a composer/ music director on creating the soundtrack to a short teaser movie for the first print edition
  8. Looking to interview Irish creatives for an upcoming publication. *Must have grown up in Ireland.* Please mention what it is you do below.
  9. Looking to collaborate with an illustrator or graphic designer to create a logo for a new online beauty publication.
  11. Looking for poets and poetry lovers for my 'why are we hiding' project! Check it out under my 'side hustles' tab!
  12. Looking for people passionate about reshaping masculinity culture and expanding what masculinity can be and discussing men's mental health.
  13. Looking for photographers to collaborate in the future. I would like to use this time to pull out some ideas for future submission!
  14. Looking to collaborate on a project, the theme is isolation let me know how are you keeping busy during these times or wana get involved.
  15. Looking for new and fresh creative agencies to help with a brand refresh for a new homes development. Experience in property please!
  16. Looking to showcase creative work about the coronavirus pandemic from photographers, designers and artists for an online publication!
  17. Looking for web lifestyle/music magazines and blogs plus Editors/Writers who could feature a short article/review of my upcoming single.
  18. Looking for collaborators, writers and photographers who wants to challenge the fashion and beauty industry.
  19. Looking for financial advisors to do a guest lecture at DGHE. It is for a Creative Entrepreneurship Module, the focus being on start-ups.
  20. Looking for a collaborator/ business partner with an editorial background, preferably in film and pop culture
  21. Last chance to apply for online tailoring classes. Deadline to apply is Friday 10th April.
  22. Looking for an editorial hair stylist to collab with!!
  23. Luxury fashion and culture editorial submissions for Online/Digital publication now!
  24. Looking for companies to share knowledge with charity. New to London (based NYC) interested in experiences as 1st remote office, brand etc.