1. Looking for Editorial designers and illustrators for the creation of a design trend report.
  2. Looking for help in promoting a music documentary film online!
  3. Looking for pro-bono / furloughed graphic designer or branding expert for project to help East London food businesses through Covid-19
  4. Looking for a logo designer/website design/graphic designer to give me a few tips on designs for my final project!
  5. Looking for writers / poets / photographers who would be interested in commissioning work for an upcoming online publication
  6. Looking to commission any poets/journalists/writers interested on writing a piece on a topic relating to blackness
  7. Looking for UI / UX designers who want to collaborate with an exciting startup in the film and games space.
  8. Looking for people to interview for our blog
  9. Looking to commission writers, illustrators and artists for an upcoming magazine
  10. Looking to collaborate with 2D animators! Making a light-hearted 90 sec short looking at mental health in an especially triggering time.
  11. Looking for people to share my work with for feedback/edits etc. Happy to return the favour, just good to have more pairs of eyes.
  12. Looking for feedback on my new song on SoundCloud
  13. Looking for a journalist to write a feature for an up and coming magazine.
  14. Lockdown fashion – Hit me with your fav online retailer who sells casual but stylish "Zoom-able" clothes. Bonus point for indie retailers.
  15. Looking for Market Researchers to do a guest lecture at DGHE for the Art & Design Department.
  16. Looking for writers to contribute to a football and fashion online publication launching in May
  17. Looking for photographers(amateur or profession) to be part of an online exhibition "Together Apart" on COVID. Message for more details.
  18. Looking for illustrators/painters who might be interested in curating a food-related workshop for an Insta live session.
  19. Looking for inclusion & diversity consultants working in film, TV, and/or culture to interview for research.
  20. Looking to speak to people in the industry for an article on whether people are buying more or less beauty products in the lockdown and why.
  21. Looking for a designer to create artworks for a streetwear brand
  22. Looking to collaborate with make-up artists on a 60s makeup inspired editorial feature for an upcoming online beauty publication. No budget
  23. Looking for an illustrator to collaborate with for my final major project at uni
  24. Look for web designer & sales lead for my new start up!