1. looking for advice on my recently created stylist instagram @thomothestylist on how to increase my reach and following
  2. Looking for jobs in any design field. Contact me if you can help me. Take a look at my website Thanks
  3. LUXURY FASHION and culture submissions sought for publication to and Social Media now....
  4. Looking for creative uses of archival imagery within photography - any projects/artists spring to mind?
  5. Looking for abroud jobs on video edit for advertising, branded content and Digital Channels
  6. Looking to collaborate with an illustrator on fan-fiction series. Already have few posts in place with considerable views. Interested?
  7. Looking for up & coming designers to loan pieces for shoot? HMU ASAP
  8. Looking for people to share clips of anything that brings them joy during quarantine for a world collaboration video of Don't Give Up
  9. Looking to help with any research for upcoming projects!
  10. Looking to follow more creatives in this difficult time, @styledbycarmel, drop your @ so we can stay motivated and inspired!!
  11. Looking for guidance, advice and discussion with knowledgeable minds on UI/UX learning.
  12. Looking for collaboration to further develop the Sound Project to the next level.
  13. Looking for some enthusiastic and opinionated individuals to record a 1 minute long video for a short documentary film about Coivd-19.
  14. Looking for inspiration/advice on your portfolio? Let's all share below and interact. // Instagram: @AlexPotton
  15. Looking for a UX designer to help with a coronavirus related product. It is pro-bono work but we are an exciting bunch trying to make a diff
  16. Looking for a lawyer to pick up an interesting case on a huge luxury company.
  17. Looking for freelance graphic design work, especially for clients, agencies or studios based in Edinburgh or Glasgow!
  18. Looking for people around the world to share a clip/photo of their city during this time of quarantine. Or anything that brings you joy
  19. Looking for some feedback with regards to the content and design of my website, and the direction I should take it in going forward.
  20. Looking for someone with way finding system development experience for environments like malls, museums, cruise ships, parks, other
  21. Les brouilleurs de téléphones portables deviennent courants dans divers pays
  22. Looking for a video maker to collaborate in a fun video about Labour.
  23. Looking for female models, influencers, stylists, content creators who are interested in a virtual styling segment for my IGTV
  24. Looking for a poem about animals eyes/ sentient beings and/or climate change. To be put included with images as part of a photo book!