1. Looking for a poem about animals eyes/ sentient beings and/or climate change. To be put included with images as part of a photo book!
  2. Looking to speak to anyone who works / has worked within the women’s magazine sector
  3. Looking for anyone who is willing to provide feedback on a short script I wrote based on self-isolation. Thank you!
  4. Looking for a graphic designer/illustrator who can design the front cover of a digital poetry anthology
  5. Looking for some freelance marketing/social opportunities
  6. Looking for a website designer. Can you please add links to your work. Thanks in advance. lee
  7. Looking to move to France in future and wondered if anybody had advice or previous experience of remote working for a uk company abroad ?
  8. Looking for an internship or assistantship opportunity
  9. Looking for Game Designer. Need to be creative, professional with sense of humour and similar experience before. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Looking for females who are interested in making content for a body positivity Instagram page (all ethnicity and body shapes)
  11. Looking for photographers who want their work featured on a new Instagram Photo Community, Fluorescent Incandescent [F/.]
  12. Looking for someone who’s interested in growing a tik tok page together
  13. Looking for Fashion designer work, freelancer work, part time or to work in collaborations ?
  14. Looking for Fashion designer work, freelancer work, part time or to work in collaborations ?
  15. Looking for people to contribute to a fashion revolution project
  16. Looking for a model who identifies with a subculture for a webcam series about subcultures under lockdown - let me know if interested!
  17. Looking for people to collaborate on two projects! Creatives and also Spoken word/scriptwriters
  18. Looking for a designer to collaborate with on an isolation shoot project. @tiffanyriaz & my portfolio @stilyaga_t
  19. Looking for projects to work on whilst on lockdown. Skills in InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop, expertise in Fashion and Graphic Design.
  20. Looking for part time editing work during lockdown, whether it be photos, videos or colour-grading in lightroom or Da Vinci!
  21. Looking for someone to help me raise money for charity Dementia UK during this pandemic crisis.
  22. Looking for pro-bono designers to help out with a project raising donations for COVID-19 related charities
  23. Looking for artists for my university project
  24. Looking for artists for my university project