1. Looking for people interested in modelling for shoots. Im building my portfolio and looking to connect with other London creatives!
  2. looking for feedback on my new website?
  3. Looking for some marketing podcast recommendations... are there any that stand out to you?
  4. Let’s get creative.... post lock down!
  5. Looking for a versatile Graphic Designer/ illustrator to collaborate with on emotive work.
  6. Looking for a versatile Graphic Designer/ illustrator to collaborate with on emotive work.
  7. Looking for advice on potentially setting up a branding agency, any tips with getting clients, Invoices, registering business name.
  8. Looking for London based Crew that loves ANIME, that wants to collaborate on an ambitious FILM. Please have experience and material
  9. Looking for abstract art house film editors. Topics: Social media, culture and Western ideology of beauty
  10. Latest blog post is anyone fancies a gander:
  11. Looking for an art director/production designer for a short film. The entire short is set in a pub. Get in touch if you are interested!
  12. Looking for someone who can create a Mobius Circle animation in C4D. Please email some examples to *quick brief*
  13. Looking for a creative high end Product Retoucher / Digital Artist.
  14. Looking for someone to design my logo for my personal coaching website!
  15. Looking for CGI artists to collaborate and skill swap with. Reply below if you’re interested.
  16. Looking for video projects to help with to diversify my portfolio. Proficient in Adobe Suite and open to any opportunities. Much love, Chris
  17. Looking for a dog loving social media and influencer marketing strategist who is up for a skill swap and free doggy collar.
  18. Looking for feedback on my FMP and Portfolio project
  19. Looking to collaborate with a web developer on a few small projects. Please let me know if you are interested.
  20. Looking for a design team for a small domestic Architectural project - no experience needed. Also looking for a freelance quantity surveyor
  21. Looking for photography and artwork depicting communities, clubs and their spaces for print zine! Get in touch :)
  22. Looking to build a creative team of photographers, stylists, make-up artists and hair stylists etc. for future collaborations.
  23. Looking for content creators to collaborate with. We are starting online publications, from magazines to radio and short films.
  24. Looking for someone with experience on webflow to help build a simple 3 page site.