1. Looking to assist a fashion/portrait photographer on location and within a studio environment
  2. Looking for a savvy E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager, to join our fantastic children's brand, Pepa & Co London....any takers?
  3. Looking to design a few websites in the next couple of weeks due to some spare capacity. Let me know if you need one
  4. Looking for an editor that would be happy to edit a 2 min 16mm short film. Footage and music are ready :)
  5. Looking for freelance 1) jr producer/or coordinator (3 months) and 2) producer (one week cover).
  6. Looking for career change from Financial Services to Market or Event Coordinator
  7. Looking to collaborate with any visual artists in need of sound design! Immersive soundscapes or music, whatever works.
  8. Looking for amateur photographers!! Connect for me details:)
  9. Looking for a London based female or non-binary portrait photographer and shoot producer...
  10. Looking for freelance sub and picture editors from magazine/ digital backgrounds who are available for the foreseeable?
  11. Looking for an experienced yet affordable e-commerce website builder for a start up company. Any recommendations?
  12. Looking for a makeup artists and hair stylist for a film shoot Details: 19.09.19 7:30 Brick Lane
  13. Looking for photography intern starting 26.10.19 Any period 1month-6months
  14. Looking to connect musicians for some live performances. Preferably a pianist and bass player, but open to anyone I can vibe with really.
  15. Looking for a last minute fill in for a fitting/ styling Friday 20.09 5:30 Brick Lane Studio Shoreditch
  16. Looking for product designers in South London area.
  17. Looking for a photographer and or videographer for our VIRTUALLY VIVID event Tuesday 24th September
  18. Like Minded Females are looking to showcase creative content, digital content and designs on our socials. Dm me or Instagram @lmf_network
  19. Looking for a journalist, press or someone in PR to work with us for 3 months (voluntary/part of the team) - Like Minded Females, thank you
  20. Looking for admin/assistant jobs in the London area. Can start straightaway.
  21. Looking for recommendations for photographers/ AV people, directors, stylists for a piece celebrating all things strange, camp and beautiful
  22. London based animators or aspiring animators?
  23. Looking for projects / partnerships with sustainable brand / sustainable advisors. Anyone?
  24. Looking to find a photography job/gig/assisting, hope someone can help!