1. Looking to assist a videographer for free in London
  2. Looking for any shoots that I can assist with styling for my portfolio? Thanks!
  3. Looking for someone to help with distributing a Comedic Drama Series (to be produced next year). Hoping to get a broadcasting deal in the UK
  4. Looking for an artist/illustrator to illustrate our Empower issue playlist for Everytime Zine
  5. Looking for an editor job work (movie, documentary, commercial, music video) ?
  6. Looking for an experienced and expert provider of Trademark Registration in Pune
  7. Looking for some creative zines or publications in Bristol or surrounding areas that would like to feature our prop supply business!?
  8. Looking to make contact with camera ops, DoPs, ACs, Sound mixers who are keen to help shape some new performance projects!
  9. Looking for any fellow junior creatives who may be interested in being involved with a new online zine!
  10. Looking to make contact with DoPs/camera gurus with experience rigging and configuring compact camera builds for remote control and capture
  11. Looking for MUA for a test shoot in London tomorrow afternoon.
  12. Looking for a children's book illustrator from Fiji or the Pacific region to work on a 32pp children's book. All suggestions welcome!
  13. Looking for photographers to test with
  14. Looking for a stylist for a shoot with actor Marius Boehm in Walthamstow Wetlands on Saturday. TFP. Contact if interested!
  15. Looking for work? I’m hosting a virtual event today at noon (UK time), chock full of practical advice on finding work via The Dots.
  16. London based Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists wanting to collaborate on an exciting upcoming project
  17. Looking for feedback on my work for Platform13 and The University of East London!
  18. Looking for a portrait illustrator to do some work with an agency I'm working with!
  19. Looking for models for a fun shoot tomorrow! Contra
  20. Looking for TFP models to collaborate on natural light shoots Thursdays - Sunday’s this August in London . Check out my projects & hmu!
  21. Looking for a photographer in London to collaborate with for editorial work :)
  22. Looking for advice on an end-to-end/ERP system for online and 1x shop retail co. We sell globally and have multiple stock locations in UK.
  23. Looking for new models to work alongside (over the next few weeks), as I’m sharpening my craft. London based. Are you interested?
  24. Looking for a recent graduate for an animation internship (paid) Get in touch if interested!