1. Looking for an animator to help with a music video I am working on from now - December, using the song "lights are on" by Tom Rosenthal
  2. Looking for participants to apply to "Decolonial Futures" programme in Amsterdam from October 20th here is a link:
  3. Looking for a producer for a short film about eco-anxiety 10th/11th Oct TBC!
  4. Looking for a seamstress
  5. Looking for a developer to create a browser plug-in, please!
  6. Looking for feedback on my cover image, inspired by the Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher �
  7. Looking for a UX design mentor as I am changing my career! If needed, I'd be happy for it to be 'win-win' so that we can swap skills! :)
  8. Looking to collaborate with interior designers -please follow my IG handle if this interests you
  9. Looking for fashion designers to work with on an experimental fashion video and photo editorial to submit to Schön! Magazine.
  10. Last year I directed "Behind The Mask' a short film which is screening free at Exit 6 Festival till Friday. Link Below
  11. Looking for a SEO company in New Jersey?
  12. Looking to create a poetry book about racism students have faced whilst at a school!
  13. Looking for a freelance UI-Designer for a paid project within the charity sector. Will be a great addition to anyone’s portfolio.
  14. Looking for a videographer to shoot some content with a green screen.
  15. Looking for a co-founder or mentor to build a new exciting healthy alternative drink brand with. Who is interested in the concept?
  16. Looking for freelance multi-skilled creative (Illustrator, Photoshop, Filming, Video Editing, Web design, Copywriting) for regular work
  17. Looking for any internships/freelance permanent work in photography/graphics/content creation, happy to work remote
  18. Looking for a new role in production/project management - freelance, project based - give me a shout if you need any extra help!
  19. Looking to collaborate with fashion designers/stylists/make-up artists to expand my portfolio for stills and video!
  20. List out Best communication Tools for Remote Team [2020]
  21. Looking for fashion designers to shoot with! :)
  22. Looking for jewellery and accessories for a fashion editorial. London based.
  23. Looking to work on some animation projects if anyone has anything they need bringing to life! Check my profile to see previous work
  24. Looking for MUA and Hair Stylist for a shoot next Wednesday - contact me!