1. Looking for 3 models/volunteers from an ethnic background based in London to participate in a photoshoot for a social enterprise!
  2. Looking to better market myself a photographer. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to do this?
  3. Looking for Kendrick Lamar's rap voice.
  4. Looking for a London based Sony A7s ii camera operator with kit for a multi-camera live capture of a spoken word event this Saturday.
  5. Looking for an illustrator to do illustrations of women looking firee for a new podcast series - send any recommendations, thanks
  6. Looking for a part-time PA for founder/director of a development firm. Please message me if interested email @
  7. Looking to collab w/ a photographer for brief 1.5h coverage of our events at Launch22 Poplar, E14 London. Offering 2 days of desk space.
  8. Looking for an experienced packaging designer for NEW DRINK!
  9. Looking to get to know brands that have our wellbeing in mind.
  10. Looking for a mobile app iOS developer who's experienced in iOS development, Javascript or C# on an exciting beauty AI project.
  11. Looking for a photographer and a writer based in London to collaborate on a project - no experience required just a decent portfolio :)
  12. Looking for some freelance work?
  13. Looking for a hair stylist for shoot Friday 8th November! Please get in touch for more details ✨
  14. Looking for a videographer based in London for a live music project!
  15. Looking for Talent Coordinator / Curator from UK on project revenue share basis. Domain: Corp Comm, Business Strategy, MarCom (ATL/TTL)
  16. Looking for a graduate/student/junior level Wordpress experienced Web Developer for a collab, it can benefit your portfolio!
  17. Looking for someone interested in luxury streetwear that can either do UX Design as well as CODING for a mobile application! PLEASE MESSAGE!
  18. Looking for a internship/job in photography.
  19. Looking for a full time motion designer to join our UK based remote working team.
  20. Looking for a copywriter to hook up with as a team. Need to love passionate, hardworking, committed...
  21. Looking for a footwear design position or collaboration.
  22. Looking for a social media freelancer to work with some exciting new restaurants and food brands!
  23. Looking for a good VIDEO EDITOR preferably in LISBON to edit an after movie of a TECHNOLOGIC BRAND activation in a GAMING event in (€ PAID)
  24. Looking for a really good Illustrator to quickly sketch Engineering- start up ideas. Pays well, would appreciate a lead.