1. Looking to collaborate with other designers who create - textiles, home decor, jewelry or ceramics!
  2. Looking for creatives for a collaboration shoot in London or Brighton. Really want to get the gears turning and create some stuff!
  3. Looking for any Events/Creative/Marketing positions. Ideally full-time but open to internships.
  4. Looking for strong independent photography zines/magazines in Madrid. Any names?
  5. Looking for stylists, models, MUA, hair stylists to collab. @emiliajoye let's flash
  6. Looking to do some casting for personal portfolio updates, editorial and commercial please get in touch. Previous castings in my profile
  7. looking to connect with event organisers, to attend up and coming events, product launches. A blogger and content creator wishing to network
  8. Looking to collaborate with models to build up my photography portfolio. I’m a north London/Hertfordshire based photographer/videographer
  9. Looking for videographers for the 16th/17th November based in the following countries for the Star Wars Families commission:
  10. Looking for 3 models/volunteers from an ethnic background based in London to participate in a photoshoot for a social enterprise!
  11. Looking to better market myself a photographer. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to do this?
  12. Looking for Kendrick Lamar's rap voice.
  13. Looking for a visual artist who can Time Slice for an editorial project, please reach out if you are interested.
  14. Looking for a London based Sony A7s ii camera operator with kit for a multi-camera live capture of a spoken word event this Saturday.
  15. Looking for an illustrator to do illustrations of women looking firee for a new podcast series - send any recommendations, thanks
  16. Looking for a part-time PA for founder/director of a development firm. Please message me if interested email @
  17. Looking to apply for event producer or production assistant roles. Please view profile for previous experience.
  18. Looking to collab w/ a photographer for brief 1.5h coverage of our events at Launch22 Poplar, E14 London. Offering 2 days of desk space.
  19. Looking for an experienced packaging designer for NEW DRINK!
  20. Looking for animators (Maya) who could help me out with my project. Some simple animations need to be done. Please contact me for more info!
  21. Looking to get to know brands that have our wellbeing in mind.
  22. Looking for a mobile app iOS developer who's experienced in iOS development, Javascript or C# on an exciting beauty AI project.
  23. Looking for Millinery & Hat Designers to lend samples for a fashion editorial submission to HUNGER Magazine
  24. Looking for a photographer and a writer based in London to collaborate on a project - no experience required just a decent portfolio :)