1. Looking for a part-time PA for founder/director of a development firm. Please message me if interested email @
  2. Looking to apply for event producer or production assistant roles. Please view profile for previous experience.
  3. Looking to collab w/ a photographer for brief 1.5h coverage of our events at Launch22 Poplar, E14 London. Offering 2 days of desk space.
  4. Looking for an experienced packaging designer for NEW DRINK!
  5. Looking for animators (Maya) who could help me out with my project. Some simple animations need to be done. Please contact me for more info!
  6. Looking to get to know brands that have our wellbeing in mind.
  7. Looking for a mobile app iOS developer who's experienced in iOS development, Javascript or C# on an exciting beauty AI project.
  8. Looking for Millinery & Hat Designers to lend samples for a fashion editorial submission to HUNGER Magazine
  9. Looking for a photographer and a writer based in London to collaborate on a project - no experience required just a decent portfolio :)
  10. Looking for some freelance work?
  11. Looking for a hair stylist for shoot Friday 8th November! Please get in touch for more details ✨
  12. Looking for a videographer based in London for a live music project!
  13. Looking for Talent Coordinator / Curator from UK on project revenue share basis. Domain: Corp Comm, Business Strategy, MarCom (ATL/TTL)
  14. Looking for a graduate/student/junior level Wordpress experienced Web Developer for a collab, it can benefit your portfolio!
  15. Looking for someone interested in luxury streetwear that can either do UX Design as well as CODING for a mobile application! PLEASE MESSAGE!
  16. Looking to get more experience as a copywriter. Am open to writing on a Freelance basis for FREE to help build out my portfolio.
  17. Looking for a internship/job in photography.
  18. Looking for a full time motion designer to join our UK based remote working team.
  19. Looking for a (Mentor) Design Director / Senior Designer
  20. Looking for a retoucher to collaborate on a fashion editorial
  21. Looking for a copywriter to hook up with as a team. Need to love passionate, hardworking, committed...
  22. Looking for a footwear design position or collaboration.
  23. Looking to shadow/ work with creatives in London - photographers, art directors, stylists or designers! Message me!
  24. Looking for a social media freelancer to work with some exciting new restaurants and food brands!