1. If anyone needs a designer, an audiovisual editor or project planner, contact me. Right now I'm looking for freelance work from home.
  2. Hey, what tools are out there as a substitute for Buffer ? It's super annoying that you can't schedule stories on there ?
  3. I give out free workshop 1-1 online for anyone in need of finishing their tracks, record them, mixing or mastering. Or just simply advice
  4. How important to you is knowledge about your medications?
  5. What impact is Covid-19 having on your career and your life? Please fill out my survey the link to it is below.
  6. Any creative minds up to do a free extended trial of a mental health, personal development, meditation and health website :) anyone free?
  7. PAYED JOB!! Sewing cushion covers.
  8. I would like you to help the creative director and others with Young Artists Collective's historic recording project. Help us please?
  9. Are you going to run and oversee Young Artists Collective's forthcoming historic studio album recording as the music consultant?
  10. Are you free to work on Young Artists Collective's historic music-related choir friendly studio album as an A&R manager/director/executive?
  11. Hey does anyone know how to get an Idea for a TV series into life? I've been sitting on an idea for a few years.
  12. Do you pitch these music-related projects to record labels etc as the creative director?
  13. Would very much appreciate some professional feedback on the content and layout of both my portfolio and Instagram:
  14. Any LCC, UAL grads here? What was the best course/ subject you were taught?
  15. I have a historic music related choir-friendly studio album project in pipeline. Are you interested in producing this historic project?
  16. Could you please give me some feedback on my website and Instagram page @lotus.infinitepotential?
  17. Hi all I am working on an ongoing art project. I would like to sell the pieces online. Do you know of any good platform or sites? Linda
  18. Heads up. I have a small studio - 5 x 5 meters - perfect size for product & tabletop.
  19. Hey guys who or what is the best contact to leave app experience reports and suggestions? Thank you
  20. Hi! If you'd like, check out my page at - thanks! :)
  21. Would love to hear from any video animators who can create assets for a YouTube channel. Open to suggestions too, thanks in advance!
  22. Hi! Any writers out there who fancy collab-ing on a script, either existing ideas or brainstorming something new?
  23. Anyone know a good online course for learning brand strategy? Looking to learn from a graphic design background!
  24. I am inbound for Birkbeck London Uni in October! Looking for day work in events, management, writing or critical contemporary topics!