1. Hello guys I’m urgently looking for a make up /hairstylist to jump on board /to collaborate for a shoot this Saturday in london.
  2. I'm looking for interior/prop stylists to connect with for portfolio shoots and future projects.
  3. Hi folks please feel free to drop by and check out my new music and website at Enjoy!
  4. How does running your own business affect your personal life?
  5. Looking for someone to come on @this_is_impt to talk about body positivity!
  6. Get the Best Varanasi Tour Packages
  7. Hi everyone, I just want you to visit my etsy shop to have a look to some of my drawings... What do you think about them? Thanks!
  8. Hello Dotters, I am trying out the full-time freelance path and I am on the look for commissions, collaborations and possible clients. :)
  9. I'm a newcomer to Canada & currently in search of a Toronto based creative mentor. Also looking to shadow some amazing commercial directors.
  10. Can anyone suggest/share av day rates for a new freelance video editor (£)?
  11. Black History Month 2020
  12. Looking for a team of creators for a new idea to help out creatives through instagram. Showcasing work.
  13. Is anyone interested in trying my organic, handmade hair and body butter sold on my Etsy?
  14. Is anyone looking for a copywriter (fashion) intern? I would love to expand my skills and knowledge in writing, this can be unpaid.
  15. Help with CV feedback
  16. I’m sharing this special poster project. All the proceeds will go to an LGBTQ+ charity & more !
  17. Heya! We are hosting an event about being your own advocate and want to see who inspires you. Tag a your creative 'Muse' on here!
  18. Looking for a designer to create a statement piece pouch/bumbag around my camera related product. Check out the brand @
  19. Looking for a female and female identifying camera operators/cinematographers for an upcoming fashion film collaboration. Any leads?
  20. Are there any fashion stylists in London looking for an assistant? (Can be one off, freelancing?)
  21. Looking for an entry level position in events and social media marketing- preferably within the music industry- can anyone help?
  22. Looking for a video editor, makeup artist and hair stylist to shoot a video on Saturday 26 Sep 10am-11.30am. Sustainable business promo 5min
  23. Hey everyone! It would be great if you could check out my portfolio and tell me what you think :)
  24. Writing a book about BLM and police brutality. I need a PR team or a marketing team to help me promote my book on social media, articles...