1. If you’re interested in being an ambassador for our awesome sustainability focused app! Please get in touch.
  2. Hey trying to reach 250 followers on my digital art instagram account. I would really appreciate your help! A giveaway is on the way :)
  3. I have a day off tomorrow, if anyone needs help styling, set design or a model I’m available London area only.
  4. Seeking Experienced Editor for an Arts Council-funded short dance film. Apply at
  5. Hello! I recently opened up my own Instagram account to display my Graphic Design work, please feel free to take a look or follow! <3 :)
  6. Looking for a freelance Director of Photography with fashion film experience?
  7. I am searching for a job for a traditional/digital artist. I'm working on posters and book covers
  8. Any Tik Tok Influencers/Creators from NYC Staten Island or the Bronx? Send me a message :) Dom
  9. I can help with onsite event coverage with photo or video, and post production with photo or video editing
  10. Looking for a music videographer/content creator
  11. Graphic Designer with a Business mindset.
  12. Welcome to Find Your Spark - The Podcast from Brooke & Ashley ~ The S.P.A.R.K. Mentoring Program
  13. Looking for a Woman Model for a Test shoot - October 22nd
  14. Zine Callout!
  15. Looking to expand Macbook screen real estate.
  16. Looking for support - creative projects, research, deck builds
  17. Hey everyone! Building up my network of creatives, so looking for stylists, nail technicians, set designers and photographic assistants!
  18. Hi! We've launched a new collaboration platform for creative and ambitious people, could you give us your thoughts please ?
  19. Pleased to share a new Q & A done by this new experimental film fest in the USA
  20. Hi! I'm Shiraz a fashion photographer looking to connect with Set designers, stylists and HMUA's for upcoming TFP shoot projects.
  21. What is your hourly fee as a freelance graphic designer in the UK?
  22. Need a Photography assistant for tomorrow’s collab shoot with a streetwear brand! - London based
  23. Hi, I have entered my last year studying a Level 3 Diploma in Film and Media Production and looking for entry level jobs or apprenticeships.
  24. Looking for graphic designers 18 - 24 to join via the UK Government Kickstarter scheme. Please send all portfolio to