1. Hey Dots community, we'd love your help!
  2. Best way to fundraise for a Non-Profit via Digital Marketing? A) Show your impact B) Be vulnerable and show why you do what you do C) Both
  3. Looking for an editor for a feature doc about a disabled guy riding a horse up a mountain
  4. I’d like advice on what my Graphic Design portfolio is missing and how it can be improved. If you can help pls reply :)
  5. I'm really proud of my latest showreel, so I feel it's time for me to share it with the world! Could you tell me what you think?
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  11. Im looking for a producer that is experienced in taking a corporate clients idea and forming a script out of it ready for video production.
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  16. I m looking for a job in as a 3d artist, can anyone help/guide?
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  18. Looking for social media marketing interns & editorial interns willing to be part of a startup media lifestyle company. Details below:
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  20. Looking for CV advice
  21. Urgently need a female extra for a shoot in Liverpool tomorrow (non-speaking role) paid.
  22. Any video editor out there looking to join a team of creatives to deliver an amazing online film festival this September?
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