1. Is a masters in directing the time and money? What are pros and cons?
  2. Looking for photographer for my headlining gig in LDN on the 6th February, if you are interested/know anyone drop a comment or a message :)
  3. Photographers ! I’m now offering editing! And film scanning
  4. Graphê Magazine Open Call
  5. Fashion & Art magazine looking for a social media manager!
  6. Looking for producers to collaborate and work with on fashion & beauty editorials and campaign work
  7. I need a "ghostwriter". Someone willing to write tweets and curate engaging Twitter threads for me. Please help!
  8. Anyone offering marketing and/or PR remote experience ? Or in need of a remote assistant ?
  9. Anyone looking for a creative assistant for remote work?
  10. Professionals in need of office space (fitting 1-10 people) Must be longer than 3 months
  11. What's your favourite sitemap / IA tool?
  12. Hi everyone I’m currently looking for remote freelance retouching and/or artworking work in the UK. Please message me if you know anyone 🙏
  13. Looking for a hair stylist or MUA for tomorrow Sunday 16th Jan Studio in London
  14. Commercial Director/ Experienced.
  15. How to compare medicine quality & price online from different Pharmacies?
  16. I'm looking to speak to someone about selling print ad space
  17. If you’re looking for an old school illustrator with a twist or a composer or both,please come check my page and give me a shout,thanks!!
  18. Product Designer or UX/UI Designer? What’s really the difference?
  19. Film & TV peeps - how did you learn to better pitch your ideas ? Any courses, books, podcasts to recommend ?
  20. Is there any UX/UI designer experienced in working with Adobe XD and Anima plugin to develop websites?
  21. Am I the only one that feels the notifications from the Dots are a bit too much? I love the platform, but literally I get daily 15 from it.
  22. Hey I’m looking for a student that does colour correcting! Project here for ya!
  23. If you fancy viewing my updated photography portfolio, any feedback is welcome! Thanks!
  24. Looking for photographers who shoot dancers & dancers (Collaboration only)