1. Would you like to receive emails regarding the latest science on biomechanics, injury prevention and longevity in water-sports?
  2. Looking for a writer who'd be interested in writing a piece about the importance of Carnival in black culture uk to go with a photoshoot.
  3. Photographer or illustrator!
  4. I’m looking for a fashion internship.
  5. Looking for a POC/Queer Fem DJ for a live music session in August!
  6. New to Dots! Looking for a full-time creative gig in LA, specifically in apparel production/development. Email me:
  7. Looking for female or male model - Portrait/Lifestyle photo session Central London
  8. Looking to collaborate with a stylist on July 13th on tfp shoot(3-4 looks).Have studio, model, hairstylist, mua and photographer confirmed.
  9. This Week's Weekly Newsletter
  10. Anyone need a Camera Trainee/Assistant for any upcoming projects?
  11. Would you like to attend a FREE networking event for Fashion Designers, Fashion Photographers & Fashion Models?
  12. How do you keep taking 2 steps forward when life knocks you back 3?
  13. Looking for a MUA for a test shoot on the 18th July in London! If there's anyone keen to collab please DM me or reach out on IG: by.kennyk
  14. Remote job opportunity in communication/ PR, Social Media, editor/blogger field. I am based in Greece. Part time or full time.
  15. Remote Communication, Social Media, PR positions
  16. Open to collaborate on a project ?Get in touch if you’re looking for a stylist .
  17. Looking for an freelance researcher!!
  18. Mikheil Music - Demo Reel
  19. Looking to expand my digital design portfolio and willing to do freelance work for free/minimal cost! Check out my website:
  20. Hey! Does anybody know of any job in the UK that offers visa sponsorship? (Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Animator)
  21. Looking for creative projects to work on as Producer or Creative Project Manager. Be in touch if you have anything available!
  22. Does anyone know of any affordable exhibition spaces please in london
  23. If you’re a small business owner or solopreneur/freelancer and want an easier way to handle your financial admin I’d love to hear from you!
  24. I’m looking for a drone operator and a camera operator for a shoot on Sunday in Henley On Thames - TV CREDIT and PAID