1. searching for any freelance photography opportunities - from models, musicians, fashion creators/students who need test shoots !!���
  2. Check out my Video Editing showreel! Feedback welcomed. Anyone looking to collaborate?
  3. Looking for a producer to collaborative with for a project (Filmed Interview) in London Pls get in touch and send portfolio if interested
  4. GBM Music Youtube Channel - Music for a better life
  5. Hey Dots I'm designing some branded items for a project & need to source suppliers of the following... anyone have good contacts/recs?
  6. Does anyone know any modelling agents or even agencies that would be interested in my look?
  7. Are women always well depicted in proverbs? Meet the artist Irem Coban for a tour and talk about her residency project: Women in Proverbs
  8. Anyone looking for an assistant/junior fashion stylist. I'm here!
  9. I'm a mid-creative and I'd love to collaborate on a creative project for some work experience ✨� feel free to talk on IG - jwowwg_ Cheers
  10. Looking for Mua, hairstylist for a TFP shoot on the 20th based in London
  11. What have you worked on, watched, read or screenshotted this week that's inspired you? Share your links below so others can be inspired too!
  12. Looking for a freelance social media copywriter/editor
  13. Looking for female models to collaborate for a university project
  14. Looking for UK based Filipino fashion designers for my final year university project which is focused on cultural appreciation.
  15. We are still welcoming more women to feature in our editorial series - ‘Disruptors’ and also Open to collaboration(s).
  16. Hi Startups and existing premium conscious business. If you need branding+graphic design head to we are available!
  17. Does someone knows a small business, or a individual that needs a website?
  18. SELF PORTRAIT is my first #NFT on - buy it here: !
  19. Let’s get in touch and collab! �� IG: gigglegrace1 Website:
  20. Watch my latest short film produced for the 48hourLondonFilmProject! Feel free to share your thoughts about it :)
  21. Anyone techi out there that can help me with some online courses I have written - and also good at editing ;) another dyslexic here
  22. Hey! Anyone interested in helping me with my uni project?
  23. Hello! I'm available to freelance next week. I can help with: - content creation - copywriting - content design
  24. Super proud of our team at WIZZFX. Small but mighty audio branding business, yet we have not one but TWO nominations at the APAs.