1. We’re working on an exciting project to spotlight creative entrepreneurs/founders who have a positive impact. Any speaker recommendations?
  2. Are you a Marketing pro within the live comedy / performing arts industry? Show And Tell are hiring:
  3. Calling all music artists! FREE RESOURCE! Do you wish you could get help directly from an A&R or music exec?
  4. I'm hiring a short term freelancer for a layout job
  5. I am thinking about including a blog as part of my website, any suggestions?
  6. OK folks, am I looking for the impossible? I'm looking for a creative studio manager position.
  7. Hello everyone! 🤗 I'm a freelance social creative and have some availability. Shout if you need any help with creative, copy or content! 🧡
  8. AI ETHICS ?
  9. i'm a fresh marketing grad trying to break into the UX space, any tips on how i can start?
  10. Wondering if anyone has any experience of getting an app through an ORCHA assessment & would be happy to share?
  11. CLOSED Looking for an event photographer for 2 hours on 29.11.23 in London
  12. Models needed for a test shoot on 27th November. Xmas Themed, London based, Collaboration!
  13. Looking for a beach accessories designer (bags, towels, totes etc…) for a new collection for an Italian brand. Anyone interested/suitable?
  14. OPEN AI new marketplace?
  15. UNIKBET Bandar Slot JDB 24 Jam Pakai Bank Kalsel
  16. Hi I would love to gain some experience/paid work within Journalism/Film & TV does anyone know of any opportunities?
  17. Designer wanted! Looking for Graphic Designer support on a simple Instagram specific content piece to be delivered by 30th November.
  18. any feedback on my recent work? :--)
  19. We've got a couple of free spots for the event 'After Sex' at the ICA this Friday! DM me if you'd like to come! :)
  20. Another newsletter to subscribe to? Gosh. Really. Yes, really. You won't be bored. You might even be moved or raged or amused
  21. I need an extra set of eyes. To peruse, receive and feedback on my in-progress website
  22. Hi people! Let’s collaborate in social media🔋 I would love to have a chat with creatives like you! Drop your social media link below
  23. Looking to expand my pool of freelance content creators - Videographers with 4k set ups & gimble that self edit.
  24. Open question to everyone, do you think that AI is a blessing, or do you believe that it could take away our jobs one day soon????