1. Watch my latest video with Associate Professor Helen Powell from LSBU about fast fashion and climate change!
  3. Hi there! I am taking bookings for November for e-commerce and commercial opportunities in Manchester and London. Let's work together!
  4. I’m looking for a videographer based in Manchester.
  5. What are great places to study Music festivals organisation and events in general in London? Thanks a lot!
  6. Looking for up and coming cinematographers/ dop based in London to collaborate on experimental content/shorts
  7. Little Newtons is an online toy company that provides fun toy products for kids who appreciate a challenge and are seeking
  8. I want to start a new project here in the UK, develop websites for small businesses, I’m specialised on Website design, I need programmers
  9. Video editing for a podcast ... We are looking to put together a short 3-4 minute video for the launch of our 4th Series in Jan.
  10. Can anyone offer some feedback or a book crit on my creative teams portfolio please.
  11. Does anyone have resources on typography, type making ?
  12. Looking for a MUA for a TFP shoot day working with teen models.
  13. Are there any script editors out there?? Interested in collaborating on a short film series currently in development...
  14. As a grandchild of the diaspora This is something I've been thinking on...
  15. Hi, I am Ankita currently studying Ma Design and Branding at Loughborough University, London. I am interested in creating illustrations.
  16. Looking for a MUA for a fashion college project. It will be a collaboration!!
  17. Does anyone have any good advice on promoting music videos online to build greater views?
  18. Anyone got recommendations for human centred design or books around human behaviour?
  19. Looking for a photography re-toucher. please Dm if you can help!
  20. I'm hosting a career clinic for disabled and chronically ill professionals
  21. Last week my Instagram account got hacked and deactivated �� In the meantime please add my new Instagram:
  22. For those in Berlin, my solo show RED EARTH opens next week. I explore the space between Western and non-western ontology.
  23. I am currently considering learning how to code around my 9-5 as a recruiter as i am very interested in tech! any tips or advice ??
  24. Can anyone recommend a great platform for creating pitches and presentations with stunning visuals, built-in brand tools & customisation?