1. Looking for a freelance photographer to capture people/ reportage in and around Southwark, please!
  2. Is there any photographers available for a shoot in Penge tomorrow
  3. Yesterday was international panic day. Why would we have a day dedicated to this in a world where we're often in high stress mode everyday
  4. Our next FREE ONLINE Webinar - Writing For Wellbeing
  5. Set designers for a mermaid shoot - magazine submission!
  6. Looking for professional musicians with complementary interests in curation and distribution.
  7. Community professional seeking freelance & part-time opportunities! 🌻
  8. Any magazines or online platforms taking photography submissions atm ?
  9. Looking for a creative associate to work on a project starting August 1st. Gw Must be available to start from July 1st. Gw
  10. I am trying to get into Radio/TV .. would love to shadow anyone in the industry based in London.
  11. Looking for a art/fashion studio to move into, does anyone no of any programmes that support emerging designers that one can apply to?
  12. My football team are looking for someone to do some photography and videography based in South Lnd. non paid work but good experience.
  13. Hi Everyone , I’ve just embarked on a wild adventure by launching my own online retail store. It’s a Home & Decor brand.
  14. Looking to collaborate with models!
  15. Coventry Design School
  16. I’m freelance photographer and I’m looking to get into concerts photography.Does anyone know how to get accreditations to enter the venues?
  17. Pumpkin Laser Engraving: A Modern Twist on a Classic Tradition
  18. I'm looking for freelance videographers, editors and motion graphic designers for paid work
  19. Looking for a part-time opportunity in London over the summer
  20. CLOSED. Looking for a videographer for with edit skills & their equipment to shoot BTS on a ladies ecom clothing shoot this Weds in Camden.
  21. JOB ALERT - Looking for a freelance property photographer to shoot our projects in the West/East Sussex area.
  22. Looking for job opportunities in copywriting and creative strategy.
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  24. Hello everyone, I would love to have someone to look at my portfolio for feedback. Kind regards Jonathan Holburn