1. What helps you when you feel like you're getting cabin fever?
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  3. I am hiring a mid-level Graphic Designer for an exciting tech company working in Holography & XR. Full-time, London-based.
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  5. Design Annual Print Partners Wanted!
  6. Join a 5 week pay-what-you-can tour of creativity this summer
  7. What type of treatment is better for a feature movie?
  8. I am a Junior Art Director/ Events Graduate looking for my next role as I wrap up my Creative Production Internship with Snap Inc. in Aug !
  9. I am looking for a poet / musician who would want to collaborate on a sound for a short video
  10. My first official interview as an illustrator!
  11. i wanna start my own business i need some mentor
  12. Branding supplies
  13. Hey guys, i'm new here! Im a music photographer in Portugal. Looking for other music photographers to talk about each other's experience!
  14. Looking for podcast editors to work on The Sassy Show Series 6. We have 18 episodes prerecorded and would love a femme editor to collaborate
  15. Hi There Does anyone know how to get in contact with a coach regarding printed textile/surface pattern design
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  17. Hello! Looking for an MUA, STYLIST & HAIRSTYLIST for an editorial beauty shoot on Thursday in East London. 12 -4pm Please message me.
  18. Looking for a Senior Branding Designer looking to make the jump to Design Director. FT, London based. Agency experience is a must.
  19. Looking for a Middleweight Branding Designer looking to make the jump to Senior. FT, London based, Agency experience is a must.
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  21. Looking for a 1st AD for a feature film about Mental health! Location is West London.
  22. I am looking for script supervisor for our Feature film about Mental Health. Paid role. Filming location is West London
  23. Hi, I am looking for a pattern cutter to draft patterns for my designs.
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