1. Would it benefit creative agency HR departments to partner with a visiting mentor to support their talent?
  2. No1. Best Seller
  3. GAFFER NEEDED Own kit required. For an upcoming low budget short film to be submitted to festivals. Film information below.
  4. Invite: Climate Confessions with SIS
  6. Looking for some new Hair Stylists and Make Up Artists to work with
  7. Looking for a videographer who can shoot a wedding on the 15th July. Doncaster area. Paid
  8. Looking for recommendations of events / ways I can up skill myself
  9. How do you like the last post guys, some BTS for you 🙏🍭
  10. Looking for paid work
  11. Looking for a Dance Photographer for an upcoming shoot based in London. TFP
  12. Looking for volunteers for a charity promo ad
  13. Are you looking for a Digital graphic designer role?
  14. Advice for first time photography assistant
  15. Looking for a junior prop maker to make creepy masks for a music video (expenses paid)
  16. SlavConf Virtuality will be held online on 28-29 October 2022
  17. DON’T MISS OUT! 🎉 Subscribe to Haringey's Creative Network🥳
  18. Looking for a junior costume person to make some creepy masks for a low budget music video. It is expenses and materials covered but unpaid
  19. Looking for a London-based hair and make-up artist available for a menswear shoot this Wednesday (6 July 2022). Model of color.
  20. Would appreciate feedback on our project for RZA, founder of the Wu-Tang clan. Links below :)
  21. We would love to know some of the most innovative ways you've applied for a job/seen any impressive applications?
  22. MECHANIMALS: My first international project.
  23. I'm looking for a Mid/Snr Developer to join a growing agency in Creative Surrey. If anyone is keen on a hybrid from Weybridge let me know!
  24. My Fellow Creatives! Join me at Haringey's Creative Network 2.0 "The Fashion Designers, Fashion Photographers & Fashion Models Edition"