1. Invite: Climate Confessions with SIS
  3. Looking for some new Hair Stylists and Make Up Artists to work with
  4. Looking for a videographer who can shoot a wedding on the 15th July. Doncaster area. Paid
  5. Looking for recommendations of events / ways I can up skill myself
  6. How do you like the last post guys, some BTS for you 🙏🍭
  7. Looking for paid work
  8. Looking for a Dance Photographer for an upcoming shoot based in London. TFP
  9. Looking for volunteers for a charity promo ad
  10. Are you looking for a Digital graphic designer role?
  11. Advice for first time photography assistant
  12. Looking for a junior prop maker to make creepy masks for a music video (expenses paid)
  13. SlavConf Virtuality will be held online on 28-29 October 2022
  14. DON’T MISS OUT! 🎉 Subscribe to Haringey's Creative Network🥳
  15. Looking for a junior costume person to make some creepy masks for a low budget music video. It is expenses and materials covered but unpaid
  16. Looking for a London-based hair and make-up artist available for a menswear shoot this Wednesday (6 July 2022). Model of color.
  17. Would appreciate feedback on our project for RZA, founder of the Wu-Tang clan. Links below :)
  18. We would love to know some of the most innovative ways you've applied for a job/seen any impressive applications?
  19. MECHANIMALS: My first international project.
  20. I'm looking for a Mid/Snr Developer to join a growing agency in Creative Surrey. If anyone is keen on a hybrid from Weybridge let me know!
  21. My Fellow Creatives! Join me at Haringey's Creative Network 2.0 "The Fashion Designers, Fashion Photographers & Fashion Models Edition"
  22. Producer wanted for low budget feature length film
  23. Here is a short film I created about someone who is just... wired differently (:
  24. Creative Directors, Brands, Agencies: I’m a freelance Fashion & Beauty photographer very keen to meet and work with new teams.