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  12. Hi everyone, I am new to this platform. I am a retoucher looking for professional to collaborate with. Let me know if you have interest.
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  14. Any videographers in England looking to improve portfolio n experience. Dm me i have a project that you will love. Thanks
  15. Any photography assistant interested in getting some work experience on a project shoot set , please dm me.thanks
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  17. Looking for someone to help manage/grow an Instagram page
  18. Hunting for enthusiastic new team members to be a part of our up-and-coming theatre company!
  19. Any London photographers and makeup artists looking to collab with a upcoming model to enhance our portfolios? I am based in Hackney.
  20. Any artists who are interested in selling more work through NFTs, let me know!
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  24. Hi everyone! I'm after a hair stylist for an editorial that I'm going to shoot on the 14th of August, next Saturday.