1. Hello, Looking for a Summer Internship (from June end till September end) in Graphic Design or Illustration.
  2. I want to use my marketing skills to build my experience. I’m available for any project in the fashion/cosmetics field for FREE/LOW BUDGET.
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  4. Looking for a website designer to help me kicker my business in LGBTQ+ events asap pls x
  5. Looking for any opportunities for a Junior Designer, primarily in the branding/packaging/digital design industry but happy to flex!
  6. Whose willing to watch my new wild and crazy video and give me some constructive advice?
  7. How do I get an agent? I have a book I want to publish, and without an agent, it's apparently impossible. Thoughts anyone ?
  8. Hi! I am a scientist doing a PhD in colorectal cancer . Does any one want to colaborate in doing something creative?
  9. What do you think of this music video I've made with Prinz Leo
  10. Copywriter needed
  11. A CD who writing industry commentary. Open to commissions. Read articles here:
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  13. How to order tramadol online with PayPal service
  14. Looking for Available Freelance Graphic Designers if the field of Branding, Merch, social media design & Web :)
  15. I’ve got a lot of R&B/Hip Hop beats, I’m looking for vocalists to bring them to life. Let me know if you’re interested ✌🏾
  16. Hi does anyone know of any Unit Assistant or Locations Assistant jobs in film going? My partner is in desperate need of a contract. TIA
  17. Looking for work in journalism/freelance writing in entertainment, lifestyle, culture or fashion content.
  18. Videographers and photographers with music artist experience hmu
  19. Looking for stay-at-home Fathers to participate in my new photo project.
  20. Website Builder 🚧
  21. Looking to connect with directors who focus on documentary content, branded content and commercial docs. Paid work or passion projects x
  22. Hi there, I am a new member to TheDots are they any creative media agencys in London I can apply to and not Indeed?
  23. Apply for TIPi Academy - a digital Marketing 2-week free training program
  24. Anyone looking for mixing and/or mastering engineer services?