1. Who would be interested in joining an art house film club?
  2. Creative Administrative Assistant needed!
  3. Looking to connect with models!
  4. Director/ runner, needed for a TV show running. Sundays from 6pm to 9pm weekly. Must have previous experience and be able to start ASAP
  5. Hi! Looking for a newsletter strategist (freelance/PT) to support one of my clients. Email: if interested.
  6. Hi music PR and radio pluggers in the UK. I’m looking for a professionals to help on a album release campaign
  7. Looking for freelance Project/Events management work - experienced in the media and music industry :)
  8. We're looking for talented Graphic Designers / Art Directors to join us on a project!
  9. Seeking Production Assistant for Low Budget-Sci-Fi Horror Feature Film-"The Corridor Crossing" (Chicago)
  10. Seeking Assistant Director for Low Budget-Sci-Fi Horror Feature Film-"The Corridor Crossing" (Chicago)
  11. Fitness/Wellness Shoot
  12. Looking for a multi-tasking, efficient Project Coordinator and Team Assistant to join a therapeutic retreat company.
  13. I am super excited to share my new educational account for Fashion & Beauty Photographers / Retouchers ✨
  14. Calling all Product Marketers! We want to hear from you!
  15. We're hiring for a junior/mid-level Strategist & Researcher in our London team. Come work with me! :)
  16. Hi all! I have availability from the beginning of December. Let me know if you need a visual designer in the coming months
  17. Looking to meet some Senior Editors with experience of live capture and multi-camera projects for some long-form stuff in 2022
  18. I'm starting a blog on my website, what would you like to read about regarding illustration and creative practice?
  19. Watch my latest video with Associate Professor Helen Powell from LSBU about fast fashion and climate change!
  21. Hi there! I am taking bookings for November for e-commerce and commercial opportunities in Manchester and London. Let's work together!
  22. I’m looking for a videographer based in Manchester.
  23. What are great places to study Music festivals organisation and events in general in London? Thanks a lot!
  24. Looking for up and coming cinematographers/ dop based in London to collaborate on experimental content/shorts