1. Any recommendations for UK sites/journals that take short story submissions?
  2. Looking to develop a platform to match creatives and freelancers with entrepreneurs and investors to make magic happen! Anyone interested?
  3. Looking for any storytellers or narratologists working in the climate/environment space to share their experiences for MA research purposes.
  4. Newest creative content release
  5. Trying to find new clients and collaborators!?
  6. Hey guys, I’m looking for a junior photography job role, if you know of any, or have some links, I would love to hear from you!
  7. I’m looking to build my personal personal network of film crew (freelance sound & camera op etc).
  8. What a suprise! Thank you so much to the curators Brendan & Shivanee for putting me in the spotlight!! This made my day :)
  9. Looking for a videographer to create a short reel/video for Instagram of a BTS photoshoot
  10. UX , UI CPD CALL
  11. Reaching out to other startups in the UK that would benefit from a film that represents their service - avoiding video stereotypes!
  12. Hi! I’m looking for UK bands to interview on my next episode of my lifestyle/music podcast :)
  13. HIRING ! Looking for a brilliant mid/senior freelance marketing manager with solid music & entertainment industry experience.
  14. Have you spotted any great examples of new experimental typography?
  15. Looking for Freelance Web Designers and Developers for ongoing collaborations
  16. Looking for freelance journalism, writing, copywriting and PR roles - DM me if you'd like to discuss further
  17. Hello, I'm looking for projects to collaborate on as a stylist/assistant in London to grow my portfolio with photo shooting and projects!
  18. Some typefaces evoke memories, but are they also linked to smell?
  19. Hey guys, I just updated my website with some new work and package prices, check it out :)
  20. Looking for a sketcher!
  21. I'm looking for space in London to record a podcast.
  22. Looking for a freelance interior designer with specific experience working on retail spaces.
  23. Pocko exhibition opening this Wednesday 29th Sept in Dalston, London: Coming Out of the Fog by Zoe Lowdermilk-Oppenheim ✨
  24. Looking for a graphic designer to create a corporate logo