1. I'm a new designer creating high-end women's clothing. If anyone know of manufacturers, in Turkey or elsewhere, please share suggestions.
  2. Line Producers with feature film experience in UK, North America or South Africa please hmu x
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  9. Hi, I'm a creative based in Newcastle, UK and I'm looking for a creative/artist in the local area in need of an assistant.
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  11. If you need any reviews please contact us
  12. Looking for a digital marketeer to support with email marketing, SEO, ads and social media. Please DM me.
  13. Casting Call (Short film) - Male Lead 20s/30s, Caucasian 16th-17th September, South West London.
  14. Calling creatives and brands - Swimwear collab
  15. "Enter the Room has recently won an award for the Van Gogh Special Section at Andromeda Film Festival!!!
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  18. Hi everyone! Looking for any PR/press outreach advice. We're an early stage startup without a budget for an agency. Any insight appreciated
  19. Hello MUA, Would someone be up for a skill exchange? Your make up skills for a pilates session/s (studio or mat). Lemme know, thanks
  20. Check out my last project: GALVAN Bridal Behind the scenes: My dream came true! on The Dots!
  21. Any coffeeshop or restaurant that needs help for their social media content?
  22. If you are looking for a professional couple photographer, who can create and capture some moments I am here to help!
  23. Check out my last project: Thanks for watching
  24. "Enter the Room" has recently won an award for Best Suspense Film at Festival De Indie!!!