1. Page to 'stage': I'd love to bring to life an interdis performance art piece which I've not had the courage to do yet - anyone interested?
  2. I really want start a podcast. I have been working on it for a year and a half and now feel that I can put some episodes out there!
  3. Is there any graffiti artist on here that would like to collab on a project?
  4. 📯PR Creative Team📯
  5. Looking for a mixing and mastering engineer
  6. Looking for someone who could help with digital marketing across social platforms! (Look below for more info)
  7. Creators need Instagram insurance...
  8. Creators need Instagram insurance...
  9. Creators need Instagram insurance...
  10. Looking for a junior content creator who's good with animation to help with one of my clients. Super fun brand. 1-2 days month.
  11. Budgets are tight!
  12. Open Call for black African artists/ film directors/ story tellers that want to showcase their work in the Homage Exhibition.
  13. Out Now: Words on Walls #10 aka the Ghostsigns newsletter, link below.
  14. I'm looking for a model to join our team on a collaborative editorial shoot in early/mid November, in North London.
  15. Anyone else feel like they're constantly burning out and trying to do too much with not enough time to do what you enjoy?
  16. We need a food stylist to shoot the meals, coffees and breakfasts of a brand we work with.
  17. I'm looking for work. I've recently met the love of my life, and would quite like a life of stability after a decade of creative pursuits.
  18. LOOKING FOR PEOPLE interested in submitting work to be a part of a new zine i’m creating!!!!!
  19. Hello Creatives, if I tell you that creativity comes out when you are not thinking about creativity at all. What would you say?
  20. Any freelance digital designers with availability?
  21. Looking for a London based Videographer to shoot a live performance video
  22. Videographer for on going YouTube series
  24. Looking for a food photographer