1. Collaboration Street Photography Models Needed.
  2. Excited to say that I have just signed up for Ben Marriott's Master Motion Design course! Looking forward to starting on 4th October.
  3. Can anyone help me with a list of charities that focus on sexual harassment in the school ?
  4. I've updated my conceptual fashion project. Please have a look. I welcome feedback!
  5. Looking to be a guest on a podcast? Email for a free ticket to our podcast festival to connect with London/UK podcasters
  6. Is there anyone who is a ADHDer or Autistic? How were you able to enter and thrive in the creative industry?
  7. Heyyy guys! I'm a singer songwriter based in Hackney and I'm looking for a lyricist to co-write songs! Reach out if you're interested! :)
  8. Searching for a freelance mid weight designer to work 1 day a week with our marketing team on both print & digital. Must be London based.
  9. Looking for a London based product photographer to shoot a brand campaign for The Bitter Club!
  10. NYC based emerging fashion designer looking to collaborate!
  11. Does anyone know much about the Chartered Society of Designers? And is it worth becoming a chartered designer?
  12. Hi everyone, I'm job hunting atm and wanted website feedback to see if there's anything missing: Thank you! :)
  13. I'm enthusiastic to share a recent collab I initiated : James Jackman & the domaine of Edouard Lepesme in Bourgogne : harvest, sept 23 & 24
  14. Disability-led Tech Innovation in the Performing Arts.
  15. Can you join us for a FREE CREATIVE ECOSYSTEM WORKSHOP? Tuesday 5th Oct 7pm
  16. Who can help me on creating a podcast ?
  17. Hey I am looking for a sound designer, DJ or musician to collaborate on creating a 2–3-minute sound design for an experimental video
  18. Looking for a Producer to collaborate with on a Feature Film project
  19. LONDON (Oct 14-20)
  20. Hello! I'm a composer and producer interested in collaborating and contributing in musical scores, and soundtracks for your visual projects.
  21. What books have you found useful for your career and personal development?
  22. Hello wonderful people. Looking to diversify my writing portfolio to include copy and some additional content. Need some work done?
  23. Megazine London
  24. Please share feedback on my new creative CV!