1. To EVERYONE Working on their craft to become successful, WHAT do you do to be resourceful?
  2. I would like to offer free graphic design services to help build my portfolio. Website below in details.
  4. Editorial Collaboration
  5. Looking for a stylist for a test shoot with a model in London next week. This will be UNPAID and for portfolio only!
  6. I'm looking for an illustrator for T-shirt design. Attached image is the style of illustration I need. I'd love to have any recommendations
  7. Dear Dots Community! 10% off our latest collection at
  8. Looking to work with Indie/alt bands on some music videos.
  9. How to Source Sustainable Fabrics for Small Ethical Brands
  10. Calling all photographers!!
  11. Looking for a fresh social media whizz to help deliver high energy content across all channels. Ideally for post grad/graduate level
  12. Are you worried?
  13. Looking for a videographer for a campaign shoot in December, any takers? Need to be close to Manchester
  14. I'm looking for a creative job in London. Do you have any recommendations?
  15. I would like to ask, could someone help me with a mashup. I have it as both a garageband file mp3. Is there anyone who could help me with ?
  16. Looking for a Powerpoint / Graphic Designer
  17. Looking for Models/ Actors/ Couple to be in music video
  18. Looking for a Digital Artist to share their skills in an exciting workshop opportunity! Especially EXPERIENCED XR artists!
  19. Looking for a runner for a short film shoot happening next week preferably a WOC
  20. I would love any feedback on character Ethereal! - I am developing a portfolio for character design and kids' book illustration.
  21. Looking for people to collaborate with me for my upcoming AW23 collection.
  22. The Sekai Pod Link below.
  23. I’m post graduate fashion student looking for some experience within PR or studio /creative assistance. Contact me if you could help me out.
  24. HMUA needed 4/11 FARNHAM