1. Are you...
  2. Are you looking for a Freelance Social Media & Creative Strategist role?
  3. Are you looking for a Creative Lead role?
  4. Hey, I am an aspiring digital marketing seek an apprenticeship opportunity in london, also to remote work!
  5. Looking for someone who knows how to make a landing page for an upcoming fundraiser. Paid
  6. Are there any graphic designers on here? Looking to collaborate.
  7. Available office space in East London 📣
  8. Looking for a shoot producer for an upcoming social-first stills & video shoot for a drinks brand.
  9. Looking for a Producer for a social-first stills and video shoot for a drinks brand. Please reach out if you have any recommendations!
  10. Looking for video editing roles! Need help with your YouTube? Don't have time to make Reels? Look no further... I'm here and ready to help
  11. Hi everyone! I'm a freelance copywriter currently seeking new opportunities. I'm based in London but open to working remotely.
  12. Looking for a London-based editor / colourist for a video project (Paid)
  13. If you know a fiction writer in search of a vibrant, active and friendly community, may I recommend:
  14. Models Needed For A Test Shoot in East London
  15. Here's a piece I wrote for the SW Londoner about collective Sister Midnight!
  16. I am looking for work into the contemporary art field.
  17. Hi, looking for a photographer to help with textiles and garment product photography.
  18. Ubereats clone script is a ready-made solution for developing an app.
  19. Creative Workshops in London
  20. We are opening a small music production room and we are looking for musicians / producers to have regular slots! Anyone interested?
  21. New issue of Web3 Creator. Bringing you the latest news & resources on NFTs
  22. Manaslu Trekking
  23. Are you looking for a Picture Researcher role?
  24. Foot in the door in film and tv?