1. Looking for a VOLUNTEER graphic designer for a new magazine on alternate realities!!
  2. Ciao! I am looking for an intermediate animation course, ideally would be a short corse with certificate, any suggestions? Thanks :)
  3. Looking for a freelance Digital Marketer who can make sponsored ads on Facebook & Instagram etc.
  4. How does new website look from marketing and selling perspective? Great potential to work with cool brands.
  5. Can anyone refer me a job in Mechanical Engineering field? I find it dishearteningly difficult.!
  6. Heyy everyone! I’m looking for an mua to assist me on a fun and funky shoot for a band!!
  7. Looking for script writers for tv series
  8. Seeking 3D character modellers and riggers for Goldeneye-style futuristic shooting game (no minimum experience required)
  9. Did you write your uni dissertation on fashion, sustainability or culture & want the chance to get your ideas published?
  10. i am a digital marketer
  11. Trying to get my small business out there a little more! I've been working on it for two years and trying to build a community! :)
  12. As a foreign person trying to get a job in other countries, what would be your best advice in getting notice?
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  14. I’m an aspiring photographer, looking for jobs/ assisting work…can anyone help me?
  15. Hello, are there any folks that have done their PhD at Northumbria University? Or done a PhD in general?
  16. 🚨FREELANCERS NEEDED: Art Director / Motion / Copy (also medical copy) hit me up :)
  17. Dilemma : What’s your opinion about tv appearances when they don’t want to pay much ?
  18. Any clothing companies needing a promo video? London
  19. Filmmaker looking for DJs in London to create film content with!
  20. Music Video Editor Available
  21. Adderall 30mg online
  22. Hi im a stylist/art director looking to build my portfolio if anyone wants to collaborate or needs assisting? based in London
  23. What are your personal or professional goals for 2022? I'm looking for the right job and to make the most of every day.
  24. London Fashion Week videographer