1. I have just moved to London from NYC & am finding it v. challenging to find suitable writer/editor roles here. Anyone else feel the same?
  2. Hi all, Im looking for a Studio Assistant or Design Intern position at a design agency. If anyone knows any vacancies that would be great!
  3. Looking for PHOTO PROJECT participants: stay-at-home fathers get in touch!
  4. Short film seeking Producer for Ffilm Cymru Beacons.
  5. Any tips for a new graduate with a First in Fashion Photography starting to look for work within the creative industries?
  6. Join me on the 5th of July for a workshop on learning how to transcend FEAR!
  7. 🚨 I'm looking to hire a talented Business Development Manager. Is that you or someone you know? πŸ‘‡πŸΎ
  8. Ruroc are now recruiting an Art Director
  9. πŸš€ Excited to Share My New Digital Marketing Portfolio! πŸš€ 
 🎯 Seeking New Opportunities in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management
  10. 10 Tips for Sustainable Brand Design Every Brand Manager Should Know
  11. Freelancing For Good: A new community for professionals passionate about making a positive change with their work
  12. Looking for songwriters, guitarist who specialise or prefer to do rock music. Preferably in the Leeds or Manchester region.
  13. Happy Thursday everyone! Are you looking for a brand consultant/designer/creative director? Get in touch if you are πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»
  14. Hi! I am a recent graduate from LCF and I’m looking for any sort of assistant job in the fashion industry.
  15. I have a free spot for a new CLIENT! :) I offer content creation or SM managing! (I have a positive review from clients and special offer).
  16. Hi! Looking to collaborate with a choreographer (contemporary) for a music video that I'm directing for my final masters project!
  17. Hi Everyone! I'm on the lookout for an experienced Graphic Designer who's willing to mentor me/bounce ideas off and gain perspective :)
  18. Hello, I'm open to visual design job opportunities in the UK, remotely. Would appreciate for any suggestions.
  19. I am looking to do a beauty shoot for my portfolio, any photographers, hair & make-up artists want to collab? I am in London until July 15th
  20. Any videographers interested in helping me film a music video .
  21. After 6 months of editing my brand content, portfolio and CV, I can finally say they to be released into the world.
  22. Are you a bad ass artist/creator of some sort who would like a short docu/video profile made about yourself? Get in touch and let's talk.
  23. Best places to sell photos?
  24. Freelancers Wanted: Bristol based illustrators
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