1. We are looking for a ZOOM expert who can help us deliver a virtual event for a large audience (breakout rooms etc) - grazie!
  2. I am excited to be hosting a super fun mentoring work on behalf of our team at OkMentor next week!
  3. Camera Operator, DoP
  4. Can anyone recommend a good streetwear, sustainable, manufacture or wholesaler for clothing ?
  5. I’m looking for someone to help me revamp my existing shaved ice business. I need help with illustrations & food truck wrap design please.
  6. Anyone know any Creative/ Pose directors in London who can help me in that area, as that is my main weakness? Would really appreciate it.
  7. Can you suggest any mobile app initiatives?
  8. Looking for new styling and social media content creation clients
  9. Male & Female Models in London HMU if you are trying to create something.
  10. Any photographers free for a job on the 24/03? Corporate shoot requiring candid photography for a delivery company.
  11. What have you learned from your failures?
  12. What is dignity in filmmaking?
  13. What do you think about modern sound design?
  14. URGENT: Does anyone have a thunderbolt to thunderbolt ?
  15. Any advice on getting a creative job?
  16. Hair stylist needed!… to collaborate on a conceptual beauty shoot this Saturday, 19th March - East London! DM for details!
  17. What do you think?
  18. Hiring! Looking for an e-commerce operations assistant to join us part-time! We're a curated marketplace for contemporary African Art.
  19. Would you like to talk about an idea you haven't acted on yet on my new podcast series?
  20. A new music and film project are hiring a freelance social media marketing manager to deliver a tour campaign starting in late April.
  21. Callout for website designer looking to collaborate
  22. I am looking for Jobs in creative production (creative direction) in fashion and commercial, marketing products.
  24. Can anyone recommend a custom packaging supplier in Europe?