1. Anyone need help with their set design ideas?
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  3. Looking for a model to collaborate on a shoot this Monday
  4. Advice on skills to learn for Fashion Marketing and PR?!
  5. Hi all I’m looking for a gaffer for an RnB music video on Wednesday 29th 2023 in London.
  6. Hey! Aspiring scriptwriter here looking to collab with cool people in London and make our words come to life! Let's see what we can make!
  7. Looking for an MUA for a fashion film passion project shooting tomorrow (Nov 26th)
  8. Portrait photographer/blogger looking to connect with other creatives in London
  9. Are you looking for a freelance writer ✍️?
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  11. Hey all! Let's collab for a fun shoot, more like looking for bros just to hang around and take some cool shots around London! Cheers!
  12. Looking for Crew: Sound Recordist and Gaffer - January 6th Shoot
  13. Are you feeling festive? At the end of the month we'll be hosting a special book making workshop as part of the Lab E20's Xmas market.
  14. Hello! Looking for brands interested in collaboration with senior cool models , @not_yourgranny on instagram 🫶🏽
  15. Anybody here interested in helping me out on a new streetwear brand?
  16. Hi All, My name is Grace. I am a fashion stylist. Let’s connect & collab!💪🏽 Feel free to get in touch & here is my IG👇🏽 @grace_this_is_this
  17. I am looking to do some freelance work for a designer or agency to gain some work experience in the creative sector :)
  18. Good afternoon, I'm a freelance sports photographer and travel blogger. If anyone knows of any relevant jobs, please message me.
  19. DOP looking to connect with directors and producers to work with 👋 I have experience in commercials & music promos, as well as narrative 🎥
  20. A fresh marketing graduate is looking for work experience in social media marketing.
  21. Looking for a female model for a passion project.
  22. Casting Models: Gen Z Foodie Adventures
  23. Is there anyone able to make boots (cobbler) that would like to collaborate on a project for London fashion week with me?
  24. I’m looking for any seamstresses available for a few dates in December and January.