1. Looking for advice from someone who has experience in publishing, in particular with stockists?
  2. Are there any fashion designers or jewellery designers looking to start their own business / brand?
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  5. Are you an artist looking for a music studio to record your demos or ideas?
  6. Redefining Lakeside Luxury: Architectural Design Studio in Johannesburg, South Africa, Lakeside Condominium
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  12. Looking for a recording engineer who can mix + master ‼️
  13. Hi! I am looking for an internship at London Fashion 15-19th September 2023, please let me know if any vacancies are available :)
  14. Hey, I am looking for Freelance Business Development Managers across the U.K. for the car finance sector.
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  16. Looking for advice on starting as a Freelance Writer! (Preferably Arts)
  17. PopCon International Film Festival Official Selection
  18. I've just been made redundant and need some career advice!
  19. Are you a creative based in Oxfordshire, and looking for a mentor?
  20. I made a Whatsapp community for people in the creative industry
  21. 🌟 Sponsorship opportunity call out 🌟 Any brands looking to sponsor a London-based event? Please get in touch - DM or reply to the thread
  22. Hello- I am looking for website designers and social media enthusiasts. Happy to consider students.
  23. Independent musicians with an interest in improving their social media presence!
  24. Ready to learn about the latest trends you should be looking out for in the marketing world?
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