1. What work boundaries have you set with clients/team? How have they helped you? Here are a few ways to get better at it!
  2. Looking for videographers who create product videos like this one
  3. Looking for casting calls/open castings for models for brands etc at lfw and other fashion events
  4. Does anyone want to come to an open studio with us? (Branding / Design studio)
  5. Freelance jewellery designers!
  6. Hiring: immediately available Creative Resources Manager
  7. What problems in the world do you think design can solve?
  8. Looking to connect with other creatives on fashion, films, commercials and music videos.
  9. Looking to collaborate and work with people! Dm me on Instagram @/simran_k_01
  10. I'm currently looking for work and would love to know what people have done to stand out that secured them an entry level/intern role?
  11. Any models want to test shoot?
  12. Looking for someone to reupholster 3 armchairs. Please email
  13. London Creative Network applications now open 📢
  14. Looking for a great one week UX training course, any tips?
  15. UK Creatives: How have you set up your pension?
  16. We’re looking for 1-2 people to share our small daylight studio in Limehouse. £150pcm 24h access, free most days x DM for details.
  17. Are you looking for a Visual Studio Manager role?
  19. Looking for various creative profiles (copywriters, product designers, UX/UI, brand strategist, photo editors etc) to build a collective.
  20. Arif Patel | Bowland Wild Boar Park
  21. BUY WEED IN DOHA QATAR WATSAP:+974 7731 4605.
  22. Looking for a content designer/UX writer to work for a medium size financial services company in the city. 8 month maternity cover to start.
  23. Hello. I am looking for an MUA, Hairstylist and Photographer for a VR Digital Shoot in early June with Eastern European influences. ❤️‍🔥
  24. I'm looking for a creative director that will be the right hand on all projects. Experience in Branding, 360 Campaigns, B2B, B2C, D2C